Lyra "Zee" Zarkov (DH/RT)


Lyra “Zee” Zarkov
Home World: Noble of Scintilla but spent much time on Cyrus Vulpa, an agri-world in the Golgenna Reach subsector of the Calixis Sector
Rival: House Ateria
Tribulations: Red Vaults of Luggnum
Induction: Calixian Pattern Killings

History: descendant of Zephyram Zarkov, “The West Wind of War”, a great military general who held back a warp incursion while the planet’s population evacuated so that reinforcements could purge the planet and return it to the Emperor’s control.

As part of this great legacy, all in the Zarkov family spend their adolescent years in military training and are taught the history of Zephyram’s battles until they know them by rote. After this training is done, most return to the soft life of a noble. Zee felt something resonate in her upon hearing the tales of her ancestor and was disheartened to see that her family paid him only as much attention as duty required. She chose to stay in a military path to try and honor his memory.

After finishing her training, Zee began to work with the arbites on Scintilla, joining their forces in Hive Tarsus. Her most memorable case was dubbed “The Red Vaults of Luggnum” and the atrocities she saw there left her jaded. Upon arriving on the mining world in a fifty strong team of arbites, the investigation led them into a maze of mines in which Lady Gray had arranged for kill-rigged servitors hunt down and kill the workers for her own entertainment. A full scale purge was called and Zee declared herself an enemy of heretics.

Following that, she returned to her work with the arbitrators and after a time stumbled into the mystery of the Calixian Pattern Killings when one of the victims was discovered on her watch. Zee began to investigate and learned the vast history of the Pattern. She made her report and was approached by the Inquisition, beginning a new career as an Inquisition Acolyte.

Lyra "Zee" Zarkov (DH/RT)

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