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On The Run (SR)

It is raining. Lone Star is in heavy attendance in the area, and jobs have been slow to show. A call comes in from Dante, a fixer, with a job offer. Infinity is the place to meet the Johnson.

Dru leaves in her biking gear. She leaves her guns in the bike with the anti-theft on. She checks her sword at the door. Jeffery manages to conceal one of his weapons to take in. Thornton checks his gun at door. Trance also sneaks in a weapon.

As instructed, Jeffery approaches the Elven bartender and tells her they are there for the Johnson party after ordering a drink. She comments that she’s not quite sure which party they are looking for. He pays for his drink and slips her an extra 5 Nuyen. She leans over the bar and whispers in his ear over the noise, “You’ll find your party in the blue room upstairs. Come see me after.” He thanks her and heads in that direction. The team travels up the stairs and around a catwalk. Jeffery uses the code the bartender had sent to his commlink to open the door. Trance seems to be acting somewhat jerkily. Thornton asks what is wrong but the kid says he is just distracted. The room they enter is blue, as it is named, with a white noise generator on the table. The Johnson is a Troll. He welcomes the team and tells them to sit. He explains that an object has been stolen from his employer and that they think the thief is attempting to sell it. It is data of a musical nature, an old optical disc. He informs them that if any copies were made, they are to track down and destroy them. His employer is willing to cover the costs should they need to purchase the item. He offers 10,000Y for the job, half up front. Jeffery and Thornton begin to negotiate. The Troll says that he can offer another 8,000Y when the job is done. They accept the job. (1250Y is advanced.) Dru asks if he can give any details as to where the item was stolen from, and he indicates a wealthy area of town. The Johnson is unable to describe the details of the missing data. Jeffery and the troll shake hands. The Elf tries to get a feel from the man, and gets the impression that the Johnson has not mislead them in their discussion. Mr. Johnson picks up the white noise generator and leaves.

Jeffery goes back to the bartender and makes arrangements to meet her after work. The others head off to check their own contacts and agree to meet up later.

After four hours they learn that Naboo, a young ork, got an email selling old music. Naboo is performing one last concert in town before leaving to seek his fame on tour. Jeffery and Thornton both know that Naboo was a ganger with the Black Fangs in the past. Trance does a matrix search on him. Jeffery buys everyone else a drink while they wait for Trance to come back out of the matrix. Trance comes to and asks for some water, rubbing his head. Jeffery calls the server and orders another round of drinks. Trace tells them that Naboo is quite full of himself, and that the ex-ganger’s name is short for “pick of the litter” or “sexually hot” in Ork tongue. He learns that Jaegger, an ork best friend of Naboo’s, has been put in charge of security and that the man is a novacoke addict. He also has directions to the sold out concert tomorrow night. Trance grins and says that he has some toys that can help them get in.

Jeffery and Thornton decide to see their contacts about finding tickets or further information. Dru decides to make some novacoke and makes ten doses over the next hour. Jeffery talks to his gang contacts to see if they have any information on the security at the site. He learns that Naboo has spent a lot on security, but that the site is too large for them to patrol the entire site. They have mini-drones controlled by a rigger, and metal detecting wands. Outside guards are Trolls, but that the Black Fangs are doing interior security. It is taking place at an old warehouse. Thornton buys a ticket from his contact and sets about trying to forge three more. He calls Trance to see if he can help, and finds out what the kid is up to. “Next time you want to tell me what you’re up to, leave the help files on,” the Ork comments after Trance’s explanation. “Ok Gramps!” the kid replies. Thornton then calls Jeffery to see if he has the necessary skills. The Elf replies that he has never had a need for that and suggests calling Trance. Thornton replies that he already tried, and that Trance said he was doing something with his drones. Jeffery replies that he does not want to know and hangs up after suggesting he call Dru. “Hi Dru, it’s Thornton.” “I know, your id popped up.” He asks her about forgery skills. She asks where to meet him. He suggests she come by his place as he has a shop with proper tools. He sends the address and she heads over. They work on making the tickets. They spend 6 hours making spare tickets, with some to be sold. During the time Dru calls Jeffery and Trance to meet them and once the forgery is done they share information. Thornton contacts his fence to sell off two of the tickets. The real ticket is given to Trance as he looks the most out of place. Thornton takes the lowest quality ticket as he is the least likely to be thought as out of place at the concert. Jeffery then offers to take the low quality one as he feels he won’t need the ticket. Jeffery and Dru both notice that Trance seems agitated and excited. Jeffery asks if he has something to say. Trance says “Not here” and takes them out to his van to show them something. Trance gives them a tour of the back and pats the vehicle, which then starts with a purr. He tells them he used his drones to scope out the warehouse and got some layouts. He projects it on AR, which Jeffery uses his commlink to view. Noticing this, Trance loads it up on a monitor for Jeffery. Trace says they need to get on the roof for the best access. He says the back door is locked but unguarded. He says he doesn’t know where the rigger is situated but knows there is one. Jeffery says that his contact tells him there are only a couple mini drones. They discuss the plan. Trance says he needs to access Naboo’s commlink to get a copy of the email with the information regarding the sale. He can hack it in a few minutes or less, but would need to drop into VR and would need his meat body protected. Dru says that will not be a problem.

Deathwatch May 3 & 7

Correction to previous: Before Valkaries land, Vulture gun ships blast the tyranids from the landing zone.

Meet up with a shuttle and are taken to The Emperor’s Wrath, flagship of the battle group above the planet. The team is summoned to the command chamber. A holograph shows the planet. A tall, lean man steps forward and introduces himself as Fleet Captain Erast Cobb. He informs the team of the situation of the fleet. He then introduces them to Hadros, Master Technician and Chief Advisor, who details the plan they have to destroy the swarm. The Captain is hoping to break the swarm before assaulting.

Possible missions the team can take to aid the operation: Strike the Vanguard (swarm covers space around Avalos, possible to take out some of the ships, repeal boarders on one of the vessels so they can continue to attack, possible to obtain a synapse creature sample); Firebreak (destroy dam to flood the tyranid filled town); Kill the Big Ones (kill warriors and other synapse creatures to disrupt the swarm, reports of Harpies, area with trapped civilians, possible sample collection); Evacuation (list of people worth rescuing as per Governor); Seize and Secure (vital Imperial documents to rescue, intelligence gathered by Kalistradi left in dead drops on the swarm – Syndala can give information on locations that are in heavily infested areas); Cripple the Hive Fleet

Elyas informs the team that he needs their equipment dropped off for him to inspect and repair before they head out. They go to Bay X37. Elyas tells them that he was speaking with some of the support crew, and found out that the ship had recovered some salvage from the team’s ship and he will make repairs and distribute any items that could be of use. They have three hours until they will be ready to leave.

Octavius challenges Sepheran to a duel to satisfy his anger at the psyker having blasted him with lightening. They move into an empty bay and Skold supervises. The pair starts 5 metres apart. Sepheran charges Octavius and the later dodges. Octavius feints after missing his attack. Octavius side-steps Sepheran’s smash attack. Octavius returns with a forceful headbutt. Sepheran tries to feint, but Octavius does not fall for it. The Blood Angel still manages to hit the Ultramarine with a hard punch as Octavius tries to block the punch. Octavius feints and attacks again, but is stunned from Sepheran’s punch and his kick goes wild. Sepheran feints but misses on the attack. They trade blows again, then Octavius lands a hit. Octavius grabs Sepheran in a grapple. The pair wrestle for control of the hold. Octavius knees Sepheran in the torso, then elbows him in the jaw, knocking him down. Skold calls the end as Sepheran’s lip bleeds from the hit. Scipio claps sarcasticly. Skold asks, “Can we focus on the battle at hand now?” Octavius helps Sepheran up. The Blood Angel shakes the Ultramarine’s hand with a “Well fought Brother” and the team returns to Elyas to discuss their next move.

May 7 2011

Elyas repairs Sepheran’s jet pack and hands out the gear. Octavius gets a combat shield to add to his arsenal, Scipio upgrades his weaponry as well, adding Stalker Pattern Bolt Gun. Elyas recovers suspension system for his heavy guns. The team discusses what they want to do next. They decide that it would be best to recover the data first.

A Valkyrie manned by two Storm Trooper pilots returns the team to the besieged planet. Scipio and Octavius take positions at the side guns tethered in, Elyas jacks into the ship, and Sepheran and Skold take up positions near the rear door with their mag boots on for better stability.

The pilot, Lt. Calvin Hobbs, notices a gargoyle swarm approaching the ship and warns the passengers. The pilot begins to move the ship to a lower altitude to try and avoid the bulk of the swarm. The ship dives down and manoeuvres through the buildings. The swarm descends straight down towards the ship and the pilot expertly dodges them. Scipio and Octavius use the heavy bolters to fire on the swarm, but are struck by claw attacks as some of the creatures cling to the sides of the ship. Octavius pulls out his bolt pistol and fires on the clinging gargoyles, shouting “No free rides!” Skold fires his flamer out the back hatch of the ship, roasting a group of the gargoyles. Sepheran sends a crimson spear of energy out at the swarm, sending some of the gargoyles plummeting to the ground as they died. Scipio fires with his pistol at the swarm out the gun door. Over the comm-link Elyas instructs Skold not to move. The Dark Angel fires his heavy bolter out the back hatch, tearing apart the swarm with metal storm rounds. A shrike lands on the nose of the Valkyrie. The pilot fails to compensate for the added weight on the front end of the ship. The pilot opens fire with the multilaser. The co-pilot, Lt. Jackson, announces that they have a tyranid on the ship. The pilot discharges the laser but is unable to hit the creature.

Octavius commands for someone to go outside the ship and deal with the problem. Sepheran volunteers. Skold hops out of the ship first and fires his plasma pistol at the shrike and the creature disengages and flies up. Sepheran also leaves the ship and attacks the Shrike. Scipio goes into overwatch. Elyas uses his connection to the ship to determine vector coordinates to aid the pilot with his attempt to pull the Valkyrie out of its nose dive. As the shrike pulls back from the Valkyrie, it unleashes its venom cannon at the ship, shaking the entire vehicle, killing the pilots. Elyas disconnects from the controls and drops out the back of the ship as it falls. Octavius and Scipio cut themselves loose from the tethers and leap out. Octavius and Scipio smash through the sides of a building on their side and lands. Elyas crashes into the ground, making a small crater. Sepheran and Skold land gently with their jet packs. Sepheran lands near Elyas to check on him, and Skold lands about five meters away in a position to cover Elyas.

The team members on the ground can see the shrike flying about 250m above them. Scipio and Octavius are a bit closer since they landed in the buildings, but need to move into position. The shrike latches onto the building above where Scipio landed. The shrike fires its venom cannon at the group on the ground. Skold dodges out of the way as the blast strikes Sepheran and Elyas. Skold switches his jet pack to flight mode and starts moving towards the shrike. Elyas opens fire with his heavy bolter, and the shrike falls to the ground with an explosion of bio-goo.

Octavius takes the lead, navigating through the city. The team stops at the crash site to salvage what they can. They recover two heavy bolters, fully loaded but with no extra ammunition. With Octavius’ lead they manage to avoid enemy contact and reach the location of the first dead drop. A fountain in a courtyard, surrounded by plant boxes, is the location according to Cyndala. It is surrounded by a metal fence, and the team has 30 meters of open ground to cover before they reach it. Octavius orders Scipio to attempt to sneak into the area. Halfway across, two genestealers leap down from the buildings to attack him. Octavius notices movement in the trees on the other side of the fence and tells the others. Octavius takes aim and fires at one of the genestealers, but it dodges out of the path. One of the genestealers swipes at Scipio’s face, but he leans back out of the way. Skold charges the genestealer that had dodged Octavius’ attack and strikes with his power sword. Sepheran fires on the same one, destroying it with a hellfire round. Elyas pulls out his pistol and uses a hellfire round against the other one. The genestealer lashes out at Skold and Scipio. Scipio drops the heavy bolter he was carrying and pulls out his pistol, slaughtering the genestealer. Octavius called out for whatever is in the tree to come out. Skold helps Scipio apply repair cement to the tears in his armour. Sepheran prepares to fire on whatever is in the tree. Elyas aims his heavy bolter in the same direction. Scipio moves over to the fence and slumps down against it. The rest of the team moves up to the fence as well. The team finds no more enemies, and moves towards the fountain. They find the data beneath the fountain and collect it.

They move to the top of a building and call for extraction as the next drop is elsewhere on the planet. Elyas activated stalker flares, infrared flares that the tyranids will not see, but the Valkyrie will be able to detect. The pilots radio ahead to the team to inform them that a swarm has began to move to intercept. Scipio and Octavius fire upon the swarm with the heavy bolters. The pilot makes evasive manoeuvres and fires its multilaser. Skold takes watch, keeping an eye out for any genestealers trying to approach on the roof. The gargoyles move closer to the Valkyrie and open fire. Sepheran blasts the swarm with lightning. Elyas and Scipio fire at the swarm again. Octavius opens fire as well and finishes off the swarm. The Valkyrie lowers so the team can climb on board as more swarms start to move in its direction. The co-pilot informs the pilot that they have about six seconds before the swarm reaches them. The ship turns and starts to speed off. Three venom cannon shots fire at the ship. One strikes the roof they just left, another skims past the ship, and the third impacts on the ship, destroying one of the missile pods.

Deathwatch April 23 2011

When the team leaves the room, the Inquisitor is no longer in the status field and calls Scipio over. She hands him a data slate and tells him that the information contained needs to be taken to the Watchtower. She promptly passes from her grievous injuries. Scipio takes her body and tosses it over his shoulder. As they exit the factory the team sees dark shadows overhead. Over the next four days the team makes their way back to the manor, rallying those they can. The PDF troops that remain are too few in number to act as a standing force. While at the manor, news arrives that a Tyranid invasion force is still coming, and reports of dark shadows in the sky are coming in from all parts of the city. On the fourth day, a communication from an Imperial ship, The Emperor’s Wrath, arrives, proof that the team’s visit to the astropath was successful. The ships are sheltered on the far side of the planet from the Hive Fleet that is approaching. The captain informs that his job is to collect the kill team and the assassin, and that there is a spore cloud descending on the planet. He is sending a shuttle to the spaceport to meet them. There are three chimeras that could cut down the time required to get to the landing zone. Sepheran tells the governor that the team is taking one of the chimeras and that if he wishes to live, he should aid them. A squad of 16 PDF are assigned to drive the vehicles and accompany them. The team also brings the astropath, and any of the civilian nobles that will fit. Octavius declares that he will ride in the front-most vehicle along with Skold, Elyas and Scipio take the center with the assassin and governor, and Sepheran is to take the rear-most tank along with the astropath. Octavius gives everyone a side arm and tells the nobles that they will fight if required.

The caravan moves out through the silent and deserted city, moving around the debris left in the roads. Ahead of the convoy, they notice some small barrel fires and wounded soldiers gathered around them. Noticing the group, two of the soldiers step out in front. Octavius opens the hatch and tells the men to clear the path. The two men move out of the way. Scipio looks out to see what the hold up is and notices another solider moving up along the side of the front vehicle with a krak grenade in hand. He opens fire on the man, killing him. Over the comms, Scipio explains. Elyas orders the vehicles to move forward. Octavius gets back in the chimera and informs the driver not to stop unless there is a barricade that will damage the vehicles. Sepheran sends a bolt of electricity towards the group of men, but does not hit them as the vehicle moves past them.

A mycetic spore falls from the sky, which the Astartes recognize as a Tyranid equivalent of a drop pod. It crashes to the ground in front of the first vehicle and it careens into it. Those in the vehicle are tossed around in the inside. The second vehicle manages to move aside into an alley and the third vehicle also screeches to a halt in the room the second tank left for them. Skold climbs out the back hatch. Sepheran and Scipio climb out the top hatch of their chimeras. Elyas taps into the chimera and takes control of its laser. Tentacles emerge from the spore. Octavius manually takes control of the laser in his chimera. Skold stands steady as the spore bursts open, releasing hormagaunts. The first chimera starts to tip from the force of the hoard moving out. Octavius manages to keep hold. Skold uses his flamer to roast nine of the hormagaunts. Sepheran cut the power to his mag boots and fell from the chimera as the hoard began rolling it onto its roof. Sepheran fires a blood lance at the hoard, destroying thirteen of the hormagaunts with a blast of blood red energy. Scipio opens fire on the xenos. Elyas uses the chimera’s multilaser. A third hoard rushes forward to attack Skold and Sepheran, who are both on the ground. Octavius uses the multilaser on his chimera to try and take out more of their enemies. The hoard tries to force the Chimera containing Octavius over but is unable to. Skold shouts to the PDF troops to close the hatch behind him and burns through the hoard again, sending some of the enemies running. Finding himself in close combat, Sepheran turns his pistol on the hoard. Scipio also fires, and another group of hormagaunts flee. Octavius asks Skold over the vox if he can right the tank before firing. Skold forces the tank back on its tracks, crushing five of the hormagaunts beneath it. Sepheran flips his tank back onto its side. Scipio continues to fire. Elyas fires at the hoard causing it to flee, and Octavius fires on the spore, cutting it in twain.

The kill-team examines the vehicles. In the first vehicle it seems tentacles had breached the armour, leaving only three troopers and the drivers alive. Some of the nobles in the rear tank were also killed. The astropath is shaken but mostly unharmed. Elyas reports that they need to get moving again before the hoards regroup. After some travel the rear chimera begins to suffer engine issues. Sepheran calls to Octavius who halts the caravan and orders those who can to fit move up to the lead vehicle. The PDF troopers left behind are instructed to repair the chimera and catch up with the rest. A vox communication comes in from a PDF battalion outside of town that has basilisk artillery and offer their assistance as they are able to provide three strikes to aid. As the team approaches the spaceport, they receive a communication from Greyson, leader of a group of storm troopers that had been in the shuttle to collect them. He explains that they had to land outside of the city as the tyranid threat near the space port was too great. He tells them that there is a squad of valkaries on the way to collect them. Elyas informs them that the tyranid swarm will reach them before the ships will. Greyson advises them to hold the landing platform.

Syndalla informs the team that she will protect the governor and astropath on the landing platform. Elyas indicates that they will have about 10 minutes to prepare. They take stock of the area to see what they have to work with. There are four main ways into the landing zone: a rail, a wide roadway, and two smaller service roadways. There is debris throughout the area, and there are two sentry guns that the garrisoned PDFs had set up after the team had cleared the space port several days before. Octavius finds a full fuel tanker that can no longer drive. On Elyas’ suggestion, Octavius has the tech marine set up the tanker at one of the support pillars of the rail, where Scipio can detonate it with bolter fire. The two servitor manned turrets were moved, one to each of the smaller roads along with a squad of troopers, and the two chimeras set up at the main road. Scipio positions himself on the platform with a line of sight to the tanker. Elyas also positions on the platform, preparing to fire. The others take up positions keeping watch on the roads. Octavius gives a rally cry to the team and troops. Elyas offers his rifle to Skold, “Use it well Brother.”

It begins to rain acid upon the group. Syndalla rushes her group under the landing platform for protection. A swarm of hormagaunts streams down the main road and the chimeras open fire. Scipio notices some hormagaunts travelling along the rail and aims at the tanker. Elyas calls for an artillery strike. Octavius drops to one knee and provides overwatch on one of the roads. He intones, “Come on you beasts. We survived you at MacCraig, I survived you at Uvo-4, and I will survive you here.” Both Sepheran and Skold take up overwatch positions.

Screams sound as the hormagaunts attack the chimeras. Scipio fires, fuel begins to spray out of the tanker and a second shot ignites the fuel. The first artillery strike hits slightly off target, but further from the troops rather than closer. Sepheran sees six genestealers moving down the road he is watching, Octavius spots a hoard of hormagaunts on his road. Elyas kills two of the genestealers then returns to watching the main road. Scipio fires on the hormagaunts. The turret fires on the hormagaunts before being destroyed, the genestealers taking out the other turret before it notices them. Skold charges one of the genestealers and attacks with his power sword. Skold and Sepheran are attacked by the genestealers. Sepheran puts his rifle away and takes hold of his staff in both hands and activates his possibility shield. He uses his staff to attack the genestealers, channelling his will down his staff for added effect. Elyas fires upon the hormagaunt hoard. Skold trades blows with the genestealers in combat with him, killing one of the pair with a fearce counter attack. Scipio kills one of the genestealers fighting Sepheran. Sepheran is overwhelmed by genestealers and knocked to the ground. He stands defiantly and strikes back with his staff, killing one. Elyas manages to deal with the hoard and calls in another artillery strike. Octavius opens fire on the remaining genestealer and slaughters it with hellfire.

Skold and Sepheran both move back to cover. Scipio notices though the sounds and vibrations that the main tyranid force is almost upon them. He informs the others over the vox and they all move into positions for overwatch.

The multilasers on the chimeras fall silent. A spore cloud flows overhead and the two chimeras fly up crash into the buildings around. The team sees two warriors and a hive tyrant travelling down the main road towards them along with a hoard. Skold, Elyas and Scipio trigger on overwatch, firing on the hive tyrant. The tyrant’s oppressive aura begins to affect the team. The warriors fire their cannons at Skold, but he is safe behind his cover. Sepheran also avoids the potential damage. Gargoyles begin to fly over the platform, firing at Scipio. Scipio takes their shots but fights off the toxin. Octavius notices another hoard of hormagaunts and fires upon them. Elyas fires at the hive tyrant. The artillery shell lands, Sepheran dodging as he is nearly caught in the edge of the blast. He hears the faint screech of hormagaunts on the eastern road. Octavius opens fire on the hoard on the western side. Sepheran fires upon the hive tyrant and the warriors with a psychic lightening storm. Scipio fires on the warrior that dodged Sepheran’s attack, killing it. Elyas calls for the final artillery strike. He fires upwards into the hoard of gargoyles then calls for everyone to fall back to the platform. Octavius falls back to the platform and sees three valkaries in the distance. Sepheran dodges out of the hoard and retreats. Scipio opens fire on the hive tyrant. Sepheran takes heavy fire and is dragged onto the valkaries. Captain Greyson jumps out, “You ordered a ride?” The team divides between two of the ships along with their passengers and take off.

DeathWatch Session ?

The squad exits the pipe and moves further into the factory to find the Brood Lord. They enter a standard industrial room with large pipes, a control panel and various technology. They head down an access ramp around the machinery. As they come around a pipe, they notice a torn away section that leads down, telltale marks of Tyranid acid around the hole. Sepheran can tell that this leads down to the lair of the Brood Lord. Near the hole is the body of a woman in some kind of stasis field. They recognize her as the missing Inquisitor. Sepheran recognizes that the field is of psychic origin. He feels the Shadow of the Warp pressing in on him as he opens his senses. He suggests that killing the Brood Lord may disable the field if it had created it. Skold goes down the opening first. Scipio contemplates staying behind to try and help the Inquisitor but accepts Sepheran’s suggestion that killing the Brood Lord would free her, and recognizes that the field is keeping her safe. He tries to stay hidden as he quietly follows the others. As they move along through a large pipe, they notice smaller pipes breaking off. Octavius hears two genestealers in the side passages ahead, Skold notices one of them, the first about 15m ahead. The squad leader notifies the others of what he noticed. Skold moves forward 10m and prepares for the fight, keeping to the side so others can move forward as well. Scipio is suddenly attacked as a genestealer drops from a pipe above him, tearing at his chest with poisonous talons. An overwhelming sense of pervasive dread fills the room as the team has moved close enough to the Brood Lord for his aura to affect the team. Skold and Octavius are both attacked by the genestealers from ahead. Sepheran uses his staff to attack the genestealer that had damaged Scipio, giving it a solid thwack. Octavius uses his combat blade to strike at the genestealer as it attacks him. He places the barrel of his bolt pistol against the genestealer’s head and fires with righteous fury, tearing a hole in the side of it’s head and causing its acidic blood to spray out, but he dodges it. Skold uses his power sword to strike at the genestealer that attacked him. Elyas turns his bolt pistol on the genestealer that Scipio and Sepheran were attacking, firing kraken rounds. His burst fire hits twice in the body, and once in the head, killing it. Scipio spins and fires upon the , genestealer attacking the squad leader, killing it. Skold parries the first attack from the genestealer, but takes a minor hit from its second volley. Sepheran charges in to help Skold, but the genestealer dodges his attack. Octavius switches to his rifle and fires on the remaining genestealer. Skold finishes it off with disdain. The team pauses to check their surroundings and move on when they feel the area clear of enemies.

As the team progresses down the tube, they round a corner and find themselves in a large domed room with a hole in the center of the room. There are several pipes leading up, and there are many spots where genestealers could hide. Piles of egg sacks and goo are throughout the room. The floor is actually a collection of pipes, and the team activate their mag boots. Elyas loads hellfire rounds and takes up position at the entrance, Scipio does the same. Sepheran takes a firm grip on his staff and moves forward as he scans for the Brood Lord, Octavius moves towards the hole to take a look down the hole. Skold also moves forward, keeping strategic positioning. Sepheran feels echoes of a horrible intelligence in the room as he scans, and tells the others that he cannot tell where exactly it is. Octavius gives inspirational words over the vox as they all move into position. Sepheran and Skold notice some of the egg piles that need destroying while Octavius looks down the hole and is attacked. He takes a heavy hit to the head, and struggles against an attempt to drag him into the hole, slamming against the pipe making up the floor. Sepheran rushes over and grabs hold of Octavius to keep him from being pulled in. Just as he is about to run to their help, he hears the scraping of talons on metal. He turns and is struck by an attacking genestealer. Skold dodges out of the way as Elyas unleashes heavy bolter fire on the genestealer. The pipes begin to dissolve as the genestealer’s blood melts away at them. Skold detects no other genestealers and moves towards the hole to try and get a line of sight at the creature grabbing at Octavius. Elyas and Scipio notice a genestealer jumping down at them, both dodge out of the way. Octavius struggles with the creature grabbing him, but it remains a stalemate. He tells Skold to fire upon it. Sepheran continues to aid the squad leader. Elyas pulls out his blade and tears out chunks from the genestealers. Elyas dodges one attack from the genestealer, and takes a second hit. Scipio finishes off the creature with a burst of fire. After a struggle, the Brood Lord releases Octavius. Sepheran notices that while Octavius is free from the grip, he is not moving or responding. Sepheran hits Octavius, but does not damage him, and the squad leader still does not respond. Sepheran steps away and informs the others that their leader has fallen under the Brood Lord’s control. Skold fires down on the Brood Lord as it scrapes its way back down the hole but doesn’t manage to hit it in the darkness. Scipio spots movement in the pipes behind Skold. He fires on it, calling out to the Space Wolf in warning. A hole of acid appears in the pipe, but he cannot tell if there was anything behind it when he had fired. The team hears the Brood Lord tear out through the hole in the pipe that Scipio had created and leaps across the room at Scipio. Scipio manages to dodge all four of the Brood Lord’s attacks as the others shout warnings. Sepheran charges at the Brood Lord’s back, but it dodges. Elyas turns his heavy bolter on the creature with Kraken rounds, striking it with two rounds and carefully avoiding Sepheran and Scipio. Skold charges forward and attacks the Brood Lord with his power sword. Scipio opens fire. Octavius mentally says, “I am a son of Ultramar, I will not lose to this Xenos filth!” Octavius falls into darkness. The Brood Lord lashes out at the three space marines around him. Sepheran dodges out of the way, Skold takes a hit but successfully fights off the toxin, Scipio dodges one attack, but takes a second. Sepheran attacks but is dodged. Elyas attacks with his sword. Skold invokes the feral fighting style of the Space Wolves and tears into the Brood Lord with his sword. Octavius breaks free of the Brood Lord’s control, “I told you my mind was my own!” he shouts. Elyas, Skold and Sepheran strike at the Brood Lord as it tries to withdraw, drawn by Octavius’ defiant outcry. Sepheran channels his will down his force staff for extra impact. The Brood Lord leaps down on Octavius. The attack throws Octavius two meters further from the entrance. Sepheran calls upon his Primarch’s legacy and invokes the Red Thirst. He slams his staff into the ground and starts to growl which leads into a yell as electricity sparks along the staff. He swings the staff with an incoherent shout, throwing psychic electricity at the Brood Lord. Octavius is knocked unconscious by the force of the blast. The Brood Lord catches fire and falls stunned. Howling winds surround Sepheran for a moment, swirling debris.Elyas finishes him off in a splash of acid-filled heavy bolter fire. Sepheran moves up to Octavius and says “Forgive me Brother, the Red Thirst had hold of me, but Elyas has finished the beast.” Elyas nods and returns to the entrance.

Rogue Trader Session 4

The next day, the group wakes several hours before the next part of the auction. They have breakfast, and Solomon and Zee visit Alex in the hospital. Then they go to the viewing to see the items up for auction.

The Book Unbound – loose leaf folio, contains archaic and proscribed works, fragments of a personal journal (records of a journey beyond imperial space) – won by Magiar Marshrek; Solomon bids but drops out

The Bloody Seal – size of a human palm with the aquilla grasping keys engraved, stained with blood that will not come off – won by Solomon; Melanie, Master Nonisouch and Captain Rubio also bid

Large, ornate silver key – tarnished, inscribed with human symbols (archaic) – won by Melanie after fierce bidding

The grey skinned psalter – prayer book made of grey skin, torso sized, displayed open, it reads as a standard imperial prayer book in High Gothic on the open pages – won by Solomon; Octavia was also bidding and seemed annoyed to lose

Adeptes Astartes shoulder plate – damaged, crimson with black flamed skull, marked Chapter Unknown – won by Magiar Marshrek; Melanie dropped out of bidding

Xeno Flesh Mask – withered grey-green flesh, featureless but for a lamprey like mouth – won by Solomon

Carved statue of a bat winged cat like creature with three eyes and a tarnished copper gorget around its neck, 1 metre tall – won by Melanie; Solomon dropped out of the bidding

Portrait – fuzzy humanoid figure, velvet texture due to the paint, feels like it’s almost three dimensional, plaque reads “The Mirror of my Blood” – won by Solomon

Primitive doll in a glass jar, air in jar looks smoky, eyes give a feeling of unease – won by Octavia; Solomon and Melanie also bid

The clockwork automaton is not on display. Solomon asks around to find out why it is not on display. He is pointed towards a seated figure with a crimson crushed velvet sheet over it. He goes over and reads the: “The Most Sacred And Wondrous Oracular Device Known to Men as the Gilded Widow”.

The automaton is wheeled out when it is up for auction. It has the features of a slender young woman wearing an archaic gown of crimson and purple, open section shows clockwork. It is seated on a high back throne with a table in front, marked with occult symbols, the figure is holding a chalice in the right hand and in the left hand is holding an ivory set of the Emperor’s Tarot in a silver slip case, it is unnerving and chonometers are malfunctioning. Mourners have drifted in as the object was wheeled in. Bland steps forward. Greal leans on a crooked iron staff behind Bland. There is some commotion between the mourners and advocates. Bland says that Greal and others have insisted on a demonstration of the device. Greal removes a pulsing crimson crystal from his robes and places the heart into the chest. The figure cuts and spins the cards. It lifts it’s face and looks at the audience with coal black eyes, saying “Ask And Be Answered.”

Someone asks “What are you?” and is replied with “I am she who my father froze in her beauty and her grief; alone and weeping forever I shall sit, cursed to foretell and to know, but never act or feel, save for the void that hungers evermore within.” Another asks “Who are we?” and she replies “You are serpents of lies and self-deluded fools. You seek for much yet know little. You are those who have come to despoil the house of the dead only to join its number.” Melanie began to feel uneasy, and when the next question was asked she began moving towards the door. “What is to come?” asks a third. “The black sun burns and he comes, riding its wake. The last voyager, the herald of all woes. At its passing the eye shall be snuffed out, the carrion lords thrown down, and the hungering ones torn from the outer dark. All this I see cast amid these cold stars.” “Is Haarlock truly dead?” “The traveller and the scion both do live, one without and the other within. Blood of his blood, born of his line, flesh so frail caught in this web, death shall be their inheritance. Haarlock returns and hell follows with him!” The lights flicker, distant explosions can be heard, the floating servo-skulls drop from the air and the servitors fall to the ground.

The automaton speaks again: “Know this, the traveller has set our course and the ship cannot be turned. Thirteen hours you have, thirteen hours until his wrath drowns you all in fire and ash, sealed here in the tomb that has been prepared. Fitting punishment for you who would take from him what is his. Never do you learn the lessons of the past, doomed to repeat history’s sins. But first you will suffer, first you will be shriven! You have but one chance alone to placate the traveller. One gift will assuage his just fury: Give me the blood of the scion of Haarlock, let it flow to fill this chalice and you shall live, but if my cup remains empty the Children of the Kingdom will gnaw your flesh and darkness will bury your bones.”

Solomon takes a closer look at the portrait. In the shocked silence in the room, Nonisouch claps loudly, Solomon says “Oh crap!”. Bland stumbles out, Greal speaks and a scythe extends from his staff and he cuts Bland in half with a force. Solomon pulls out his hidden gun and tells Zee to watch their items and that he knows what he needs to do. The mourners pull out blades and set upon the attendants.

Zee moves towards the door, pulling along the cart with their auction winnings. She punches one of the mourners. Melanie attempts to fight one of the mourners by the door. Solomon moves along behind Zee, towards the automaton. Greal leaps down and cuts one of the people in the front door in half, the PDF troops near the door open fire on the mourners as the mourners attack the guests. Zee dodges an attack from one of the mourners. Solomon dodges one attack but is hit by another. Greal continues to slaughter the guests, the PDF kill some of the mourners but strike Melanie accidentally in the cross fire. Solomon fires on one of the mourners, killing him.

The three hear a faint noise as if something is suddenly turning to ash without setting fire. Nonisouch is beating a mourner with his cane, and the mourner turns to ash. Solomon kills another mourner and moves closer to the automaton. Greal continues to carve his way through the crowd. He has not yet noticed Solomon. Zee picks up a knife off of one of the dead mourners and uses it to attack one of the others. A black stream of energy streams past Melanie at one of the mourners, coming from the direction of Nonisouch, disintegrating the mourner. Solomon tries to sneak up. Greal splits the pew in front of Solomon in two. One of the two remaining PDF troopers panics and fires back in the direction of the energy blast. Zee finally kills the mourner she has been working on. Nonisouch disintegrates the PDF trooper who had fired on him in panic, firing fom his cane.

Solomon tries to sneak up, and Greal attacks him. He rolls out of the way of the scythe. Two of the mourners attack Melanie, she dodges one but is hit by the other in the face. One of the mourners attacks Zee, but she shrugs it off. Solomon calls on Nonisouch to help against Greal. He dodges another attack from Greal then is missed by a second attack. Melanie continues fighting the mourners. Nonisouch fires at Greal, but his black energy is stopped by a force field that surrounds Greal from an ecclesiarchy symbol on a chain around his neck with a blinding flash. Solomon fires on Greal but his shield flares up again. An extremely bright burst of light is followed by the sound of the field overloading and shutting down. Solomon shouts that the field is down and dodges Greal’s first attack. The second attack hits him hard and he falls down, stunned. Greal fiddles with his field generator. Nonisouch fires at Greal but misses, hitting the pew and carving out a spot which allows Greal to spot Solomon, who holds his breath to try and convince the attacker that he is dead. Solomon raises his gun and fires at Greal’s head, who does not dodge the shot. Greal reaches out with a long leg and kicks Solomon 6 metres, stunning him with the force of the blow.

Melanie disengages from the mourner she is fighting , picking up one of the PDF trooper’s laz pistols, and Nonisouch disintegrates the mourner. Zee attacks the mourner she has been fighting and kills him with a strike to the head. Greal attacks Solomon in the torso, setting him on fire, and his pistol explodes, causing damage to his attacker. Zee throws her dagger at Greal, missing him, then picks up another one from a dead mourner. Greal stocks towards Nonisouch. Zee runs towards the last PDF trooper to take his rifle. Melanie takes a look around and sees Octavia standing alone. Nonisouch jumps over a pew and slams his cane into the lurching figure of Greal, and the head mourner’s shield flares up again. Zee commands the PDF trooper to give her his rifle and she takes aim at Greal. Melanie also takes aim. Nonisouch swings his cane and Greal steps aside. Greal swings at Nonisouch and the master parries with his cane. Zee fires at Greal. Melanie also fires at him, but their shots have little effect. Nonisouch attacks Greal, and waves his cane through him, causing him to explode and his equipment to fall to the ground. Melanie walks over to Nonisouch, and gets a very bad feeling in her guts. Melanie pockets the shield generator and picks up the power scythe. Zee notices the grey skinned psalter is missing from their items. Solomon tells Melanie to get him to the chalice. Solomon tries to cut himself, but his will is weak. He asks Melanie for help. Melanie gives him a throne to bite down on and cuts his wrist. As the blood flows into the chalice it seems to disappear. Solomon becomes woozy from blood loss and his wounds. Solomon patches himself up using a med kit. Melanie asks what Solomon was trying to accomplish. Solomon replies that it didn’t work the way he was expecting. The room empties of others.

Solomon tells Zee that he thinks he may be a Haarlock, and Zee tells him about the missing item, and that she is suspicious of Nonisouch. The pair agree the best course would be to ollect their weapons and to secure the rest of the items that are left in their rooms. Zee and Solomon search Bland’s body. Zee finds a compact las and gives it to Solomon, and also pockets his administratum signet ring. Solomon also picks up some gear from the pdf troopers and Zee grabs some spare ammo. Melanie gives the shield generator to Solomon.

The trio heads towards security after securing their auction winnings, but are quickly lost. Three quarters of an hour pass before they find their way. They open the door and see a void shield blocking their way. Solomon decrees “I hate being an Inquisitor!” Zee retorts that he is not an inquisitor and asks how hard he was hit in the head. Her comments deceive Melanie. Solomon storms off in the direction of their rooms.

Solomon realizes that the automaton required sacrifice and that the reason the blood was disappearing in the chalice was that he had to give all of his blood to it. He writes out a will leaving his things to Zee. Solomon and Melanie use the mono-knives to open the chests holding the weapons they had won the day before. Melanie gives the pulse rifle to Zee.

11.5hrs remaining . . .

Solomon asks Zee and Melanie if they remember what the automaton had said about a scion needing to fill the cup to stop the events happening. He says he thinks he is that scion. Zee asks why he thinks that, and he pulls out the portrait and shows them. It is still out of focus but they can recognize Solomon’s features. He says that if the cup is not filled, then the children of the kingdom will rise. Solomon mentions that he and Zee saw reference to the children of the kingdom on Haarlock’s tomb. Solomon says that he thinks that it may require all of his blood to fill the cup. Zee asks if there are any other options, and Solomon says there isn’t, that they are trapped in the void field and that if the volcano erupts it will fill the field. “I don’t want to die, but I don’t see any other choice.” Zee gives him a hug. Melanie grabs a bottle of amasec. The trio head back towards the Garden of Lost Souls, which takes about half an hour.

11hrs remaining . . .

Melanie hears explosions and what she thinks is plasma fire in the distance, echoing faintly. They make their way into the Garden and see a scorched area with the legs of a servitor near by. Solomon hears two reactivated servitors moving around the room. Solomon gives the shield generator to Melanie (with instruction that it be given to Zee when he is gone) so she can charge in with the power scythe and try to clear the path for Solomon to get to the automaton. Zee takes up position beside Solomon with the pulse rifle at the ready. From what Melanie can tell, the damaged servitor had self destructed. She sees that there is one servitor to each side of the door, each armed with a plasma cannon through a slightly open door. Melanie cries out “For House Navarre!” and slams into the door. Melanie holds her breath and waits to see if the servitors noticed her. When all remains still, she charges in at one of the servitors with the scythe in hand. She carves the servitor in two. As it’s fuel canister is broken, it explodes, but the field generator protects her. The other servitor fires at her and the field again protects her. Some of the floor beneath her turns to glass. Melanie realizes she can’t reach the servitor, and instead moves out the door out of its line of sight. Zee and Solomon move further down the hall out of the way. Melanie hears the servitor stomping after her. Melanie charges at the servitor when it comes into view. The servitor steps back and Melanie swipes at it with the scythe. It opens fire and again the shield protects her. The servitor is destroyed by the backlash.

Melanie calls all clear, and the other two enter the room, Solomon walking with great determination. He hands his gear over to Zee. Melanie stands with Solomon as he bleeds himself into the cup. Zee keeps watch with gun at the ready to ensure he is not interrupted. Solomon collapses against the automaton he had chained himself to as he passes. The automaton raises the chalice and drinks from it, and the gold casing explodes outward, revealing a woman within. She raises into the air with a crimson glow. The remaining two hear the sounds of the void shield falling, and the sound of another field turning on beneath them. She hovers in the air saying nothing. Melanie makes a move to collect Solomon’s corpse, but Zee stops her. Melanie asks if they can take the body, and the crimson light flares. Zee says that Solomon’s family has lain here for a millennia, and it is his proper place. The pair make it to the security office to collect their things and collect the items in their rooms. As they reach the exit, they see Alex levelling his sniper rifle at Zee and calling for her execution on behalf of the holy ordos. He fires at her, and she dodges the shot with her shotgun at the ready. Melanie fires a burst with overcharge from her plasma pistol. Zee fires but misses. Alex fires at her again and she rolls out of the line of fire. Melanie fires again and Alex dodges out of the way. Zee fires at him again and finally hits. Heavily wounded, Alex retreats. The pair choose not to fire after him and head towards the ship that is still waiting. Melanie gets on the ship and stops at the top of the boarding plank, pointing her gun at Zee and demands to know what is going on. Zee tells Melanie that the three of them were there on Inquisition orders to stop heretical items from ending up in the hands of those who would use them against humanity. She asks if they could please get everything onto the boat and leave before the island explodes. Melanie says that they will toss the items overboard into the sea of acid, and Zee says that’s fine, but they must keep the guns. Melanie thinks hard about what to do. Melanie tells Zee to get on board. Zee takes a look at the portrait, and it is a clear image of Solomon. Melanie returns the shield generator to Zee as per Solomon’s final request. Once in private chambers, Zee tells Melanie everything about their investigation as she knows she will not be returning to the inquisition.

Rogue Trader Session 3

Travel past vaults and other rooms as the group wanders about to become more familiar with the area. Then decide to return to the grand entrance. On the way, the acolytes are approached by Mayweather, who seems nervous and asks if there is somewhere they can talk. Zee offers her room for the discussion, and the pair makes apologies to the Captain and withdraw with the agent. Mayweather checks their documents, and then admits he was hoping for a squad or two, space marines, or for the Inquisitor to come, or send his witch. He says that terror has made him loose lipped. He says that more items have entered the auctions, and that two of the skyships have disappeared on the trip, and those that have arrived have been filled with heretics. He says that if Marr knew what was here, he would destroy the place. Solomon tries to calm him down so that he could explain. He tells them that people have been disappearing, and killed, a trooper was killed and found with his brain missing. He says that the Sorrowful Guild are everywhere and that they need to get out. Upon questioning, he describes some of the items he has seen, but has not been able to examine. An unbound book full of parchment, a bloody seal the width of a human palm with the image of an aquilla clutching keys, a silver key, a large book (torso sized) bound in some type of skin, a shattered space marine power armour paldron, a mask that is made of withered grey-green xenos flesh that is featureless but for a mouth, a blurred portrait encased in crystal with “The Mirror of my Blood” etched in High Gothic, the Gilded Widow (a life size gold automaton) dressed in an archaic gown with clockwork parts which gave him a terrible sense of dread. He has been unable to raise Marr on the vox due to the coming storm. In the last five days several staff have gone missing (7 people, 2 adepts, some troopers and indentured servants), and two found dead (one was crushed beneath a statue).

Zee and Solomon visit the tomb of Haarlock. Solomon investigates the door and finds that there are two doors. One reads “Death is but a door” and the other reads “Here dwell the children of the kingdom”. An impossibly tall person in black shrouds (the head mourner) approaches soundlessly. He ushers the pair away from the crypt.

The Captain went to look around the reception area and saw many of the Sorrowful Guild but was not allowed into the auction area. She was allowed to look around their Garden Of Lost Saints, and on the dome ceiling was a star map that she noticed was a thousand years out of date.

Time comes for the reception in the garden. The group checks their weapons at the door.

Bland will be making a formal announcement regarding the auction and its rules, the Mourners will perform their eulogy and prayer to He Who Held Stars and Wonders in the Palm of His Hand. Many of the attendees wonder if the prayer was for the Emperor or Haarlock. The reception lasts for a few hours while Mourners in ceramic masks hand out food on silver platters.

Melanie is introduced to Master Nonisouch. He is dressed in solemn clothes of one of Solomon’s Guildmasters. He is accompanied by three flak clothed guards and a private secretary in a whalebone dress. They are polite, but distant and emotionless. Solomon attempts to charm the secretary, but she thanks him politely and turns down his drink offer.

Zee gets the distinct impression that there is something unaccountably and terrifyingly wrong about Master Nonisouch, despite his outwardly pleasant appearance.

Melanie asks around about the other attendees.

Captain Rubeio of the Osmandius – tall handsome man with looks that are enhanced by surgery, dressed as he feels is the ideal of a Rogue Trader, constantly preening himself, egotistical, wealthy due to his family

Magier Marshrek – a death worlder, alone no entourage, predator feel, sabre wolf pelt, word is that he is a rogue trader but no one knows for sure

Melanie meets up with Zee and Solomon. Solomon leaves to mingle. Melanie asks Zee if the Abbot was killed during the pirate attack or if he had disembarked, and Zee tells her that she wasn’t paying much attention as she was just glad to be on land again. Solomon hears rumours of xenos items up for the auction. Melanie asks Zee if they are here on the behalf of another or themselves and Zee tells her they are there on behalf of Izekiel Sunder. Zee and Melanie split up and try to determine who may have information on what is for auction. Melanie learns that the Mourners (especially the High Mourner), Bland and the adepts working under Bland would have knowledge of what items are up for auction. Melanie figures it would be best to speak to Bland in the morning in his office rather than at the party, and seeks out the Head Mourner Greal. She asks him what the Mourners do, and is told that they prepare. Melanie tries to improve Greal’s disposition towards her by asking about the funerary rites, but he just indicates that she should visit the library for that information. Melanie bluntly asks if he knows what is for auction and the man leans down and tells her that she can wait along with the others. She tries to stare him down, but realizes she is not succeeding and thanks him before excusing herself. She then finds one of Bland’s entourage and requests an appointment with him in the morning.

The next morning Melanie goes to her appointment with Bland. She hints at the trouble he is having with the Sorrowful Guild. He says that it is difficult to get any work done when you have no control over the doors or machinery. She indicates that she may have means to solve his problem, and he tells her to stop there, as she cannot afford to break his contract with the Administratum. She asks if there is anything else she can do to improve his situation. He replies that there is nothing that he can think of. She seductively offers him an exotic cigar, and tells him to let her know if he would like more, or if he thinks of anything else that would make his life more pleasant. She asks if she could take a quick look at the auction list. Bland asks the other adept present in the room to leave and get something for him, then slides his drawer open to pull out a data slate. She notices some Tau weaponry on the list and makes a note of the lot number. Nothing else catches her attention. She leaves him her number.

Solomon says that he is going to check on Alex (with the intent of getting his compact weapon), and Zee goes to check if the skyships have left. Zee finds that two of the ships are still there, one of which is the one that they had arrived on. Solomon arrives to find Alex semi-conscious. Solomon explains why he is there, and Alex offers a deal in exchange for decent food. Alex pulls the gun out from under his pillow and points to his bag for an extra power pack when Solomon offers a Grox burger. Zee arrives as Solomon is leaving. Zee stops in to see Alex and warns him to keep himself ready for a quick escape. Solomon heads to Dead Town to find food for the group.

When they return to the Garden of Lost Souls they can see that the lesser items have been put out on display. The PDF troopers and servitors in the room are heavily armed. Melanie bids on a pulse pistol and rifle and succeeds. Melanie successfully bids on some artwork. Solomon bids on some clothing and a weapon lot which ends up containing a slugga. Zee bids on some treasure as well.

Rogue Trader Session 1 & 2

Clone_Sniper: Rogue Trader Melanie Reynald & Assassin Alexander
Valentius: Gunslinger Solomon Havlock
Asylos: Seneschal Arbiter Zee

Solomon , Alex and Zee are working undercover for Inquisitor Marr, heading to an auction on a rogue trader’s possessions. Melanie is on her way to the auction as well, and they met up on the ship taking them to the island on which the auction was to be held.

Session 1 and 2

A year after their last mission, Solomon, Alex and Zee are contacted by another agent of their Inquisitor. They are given a Writ of Authority indicating that they are being transferred to another Inquisitor by the name of Silas Marr. They get the impression that the agent delivering their instructions does not feel comfortable with the things that are taking place. They are instructed to go to an auction of the property of a Rogue Trader by the name of Erasmus Haarlock on planet Solomon. Solomon Havlock asks the agent if there is anything in particular that is bothering her. The agent warns that Marr has a bad reputation and to be wary, and that the Inquisitor has not left planet Solomon for hundreds of years.

The trio and their escort land on the planet and are taken to a smaller ship for transport to one of the hive cities where the Hall of Chancellary Court is located (a smooth building with a clock on the outside). Their weapons are confiscated. Solomon attempts to hide a knife on his person, but is asked to turn it over. He shudders as the group passes a cherub. A clerk leads the trio to a door marked “13”. Inside, they are given sealed envelopes with Marr’s seal which contain a Writ of Authority. Looking around, the group can tell that the servants here are frequently mind-clensed to protect the Inquisitor’s secrets. They speak with Marr, and are told they will be travelling to the House of Dust and Ash, an island that is outside the law and houses a crematorium, which is where the auction is to be held. Marr tells the group that they will be acting undercover as his bidders as employees of Izekial Sunder. They are given a data slate of wanted heretics, 1000 thrones and a credit chip for one million thrones each. They are told that a man by the name of Mayweather is Marr’s plant at the auction, and are told the Haarlocks were fond of cyphers.

They travel to the island on a ship that travels over the acidic sea. They meet two mercenaries (Vymer and Quill), Lanis Sisten (an old academic with a scribe by the name of Whent), Octavia Nile (a young woman in business attire who works for a cartel, with bodyguards and a hooded adept who give Zee an old feeling with their cold and distant look), Abbot Tamask (a dirty, sweaty, unpleasant cleric, who claims to have had a vision of a holy relic being at the auction, Solomon feels uneasy regarding the Abbot’s followers, and they find the Abbot lacks knowledge of the Ministorum).

Missing notes due to laziness: Alex kills one of the Abbot’s followers when he is attacked. Solomon and Zee meet Melanie and talk to the other travellers.

The ship is boarded by pirates! Fight ensues. Melanie’s escort do not survive. Zee ends up shooting Melanie by accident while trying to kill one of the captain’s attackers, and ends up giving 500 thrones to the mercenaries to cover up her blunder.

Alex sneaks down into the Abbot’s room, killing two of his followers inside before the Abbot appears, with his hood down and showing his face lacking eyes. Alex recognizes this as a sign that the Abbot is a servant or vassal of the Crow Father, who they had encountered the year before. Fight ensues! Alex calls for help when the Abbot kicks his butt and takes control of him. Solomon and Zee run to the room. Solomon shouts at Alex to drop down. Zee is panicked by the Abbot’s psychic attacks and flees. Alex drops to the floor so that Solomon can fire at the Abbot. The Abbot tries to make Solomon fire upon himself, but the gunslinger’s will held firm against it. The Abbot then attacks Solomon with psychic fear, and reduces him to insane laughter. Alex realizes that Solomon has been compromised and starts to run, but Solomon shoots him with his Inferno pistol in his madness. The Abbot forces Solomon to walk over to Alex, who is on the ground, and aim at him with his gun. Alex rolls over and opens fire on Solomon’s head, and it knocks Solomon out of the Abbot’s control. Solomon gives Alex his gun and is grappled by the Abbot. Alex fires at the Abbot but then both are attacked by the Abbot’s aura of fear. The pair can see a flock of shale crows inside of the Abbot. Solomon breaks free of the grapple and runs in fear. Alex falls unconscious. Zee snaps out of her panic and hurries back, and is forced to shoot Alex, but misses. Solomon meets up with Vymer and the mercenary slaps him out of it. Solomon tells him about the Abbot being possessed, and the mercenary whistles for Quinn and the pair head towards the Abbot’s room. Zee fires at the Abbot with Executioner rounds but is unable to harm him. The Abbot attacks Alex again, crushing him. Vymer and Quill run up beside Zee with their combat shotguns at the ready. The Abbot sends a shock-wave of force down the hall, knocking Vymer and Zee to the ground while Quill braces himself against the wall. Solomon arrives and fires over the prone characters, causing the Abbot to explode into a massive flock of shale crows. Quinn fires on the crows, setting fire to them. The hallway fills with flames. Quill and Vymer put out the flames that catch on Alex and Zee.

The group rests as they wait to reach the isle.

Ship docks beside three others. First officer pulls the group aside because they had helped save the ship and warns them that none of the ships hired to take people to the island were hired for any return trips. Ash falls like snow. Alex is moved off in a stretcher, the other three head towards the house to look for their lodging. They are met by a steward who asks for their credentials. He hands over a data slate with a map of the island with locations of note marked. The black clad Sorrowful Guild they may see are the caretakers of the crematorium, he informs them.

The group heads towards their lodgings. The locks are very complex clockwork locks.

Melanie decides to visit Dead Town, and Zee and Solomon accompany her. It is a mostly lawless town where trading is available. After some shopping, they return to the main building and look around. In a library, Zee finds a book on the Haarlock line. They are a family of rogue traders that go back 4000 years. They are known as sinister and vengeful. There are rumours they can trap the souls of their enemies in eternal torment. The House of Dust and Ash was once the outpost of Solomon Haarlock. Each great family on Solomon is required to pay a tribute when one of the Haarlock line falls, “The Death Gift of the Haarlocks”.

Mutants and Masterminds Session 3

(Picking up where session 2 ended)

Spartan continues to follow the two vans that fled the warehouse.

Meanwhile, not wanting to risk further damage to the unconscious driver in the van, Fex looked around for other objects to throw at the Omega Bot. As it was a construct, it was immune to her mind control. She tossed some of the scattered boxes against it, but they broke with no real effect on the giant. Firebug fired her blaster at it, also to no effect.

Lord Etheric turned to Firebug, “Forget the Omega Bot, you still have me to deal with!”

Professor Twilight stepped forward, “No, you Scallywag! You have me to deal with!” He tried to grab the villain but the mentalist became more etheric and the hero’s hand passed through him.

The Omega Bot turned towards Firebug, panels on its chest sliding apart to reveal a laser. The smaller robots (neferiods) fired upon Professor Twilight.

Spartan, still following the vans, took a quick look at the controls on the bike, and found a weapon control. He pressed the button and a gun emerged from each side of the gun with a firing mechanism on the handlebars. He fired at the closest van, shooting out its tires and sending it careening off the road.

Fex used her telekinesis to give Firebug a lift up to the back of the Omega Bot so that she could begin cutting her way into its controls. Lord Etheric turned his mental powers against Professor Twilight. The Omega Bot reached around and grabbed Firebug between its giant metal hands.

Spartan turned on the bike’s jet blast and sped after the other van, leaping onto it when he was close enough, leaving the motorbike to spin out of control behind him.

Using her mental powers, Fex pried open the Omega Bot’s hands, allowing Firebug to drop out of the robot’s grip. Lord Etheric summoned his ectoplasmic fire to attack Professor Twilight and Firebug, but the latter was able to dodge out of the way.

Spartan held on tight as the driver of the van swerved to try and knock him off.

Professor Twilight turned to Lord Etheric and dealt him a mighty blow, finally rendering the villain unconscious. The Omega Bot raised one hand and fired a net at Professor Twilight, tangling him up within it.

Spartan swung in through the driver’s side window and with a strong kick knocked the driver out the passenger’s side. The van went out of control, rolling as it skidded to a stop on its side.

Fex began picking up neferiods and throwing them at the Omega Bot, where they exploded on impact, scorching the giant robot. Firebug flew back up to the robot’s head, dealing a powerful attack that left it dazed. Professor Twilight fought against the net restraining him as the neferiods fired upon him. The Omega Bot drew up its other hand and fired a gas at Firebug, leaving her dazed as she gasped for air.

Spartan pulled himself out from the crashed van and climbed on top of the side that was now the roof. From there he reached over and pulled open the back door knowing he would be clear of anything that fell out. He investigated the contents and found machine parts, but nothing he would have expected a supervillain to steal.

Fex continued throwing neferiods at the Omega Bot, doing her best to take out one enemy while damaging another. Firebug landed up in the rafters, trying to get clear of the suffocating gas. Professor Twilight broke free of the net, then teleported closer to the Omega Bot. The Omega Bot turned its chest laser towards Fex, but it was defeated by the power of her shields. The neferiods realized that shooting at Fex was ineffective, and focused on Professor Twilight. He dodged their attacks and with a signal timed his attack against the spot Firebug had begun cutting open with another tossed neferiod from Fex. The Omega Bot flicked Professor Twilight off of him. Firebug recovered from the effects of the gas, and the three attacked in unison. Firebug fired her heat ray at the bot’s head, Professor Twilight leapt up and attacked its knee with dark energy, and Fex continued pelting it with neferiods. The Omega Bot’s head exploded from the overload and the construct began to topple, forcing Fex and Professor Twilight to dodge out of the way before being crushed beneath it.

After clearing up the last of the neferiods, the trio set about dealing with the unconscious villains. Professor Twilight restrained Lord Etheric, securing him to the Omega Bot in case he woke and tried to fly away. Fex telekinetically moved the driver of the van to a safe spot, then moved the van away from the wall so that Firebug could tend to Lightshow. When Spartan returned, he used what first aid he could to ensure the driver was stable. Professor Twilight performed a quick ritual to try and lower the villains’ defenses so that Fex could search their minds for information, but they had little success. Spartan searched the Omni Belt for something that may help and found a syringe that seemed to contain a healing serum. With Lightshow restrained, he injected the villain to revive him for questioning and removed his mask.

“Don’t hurt me again!” Lightshow said, clearly intimidated by Spartan.

Spartan tapped the syringe, then put it back in the belt. “Who are you?”


Spartan slapped the villain and repeated his question.

“Angus Wilcox!”

“Who do you work for?”

“Cold Steel.”

“Didn’t he hire you from someone else?” Professor Twilight asked.

“Cold Steel was my boss, but I don’t think he was the big boss…”

“Why were you stealing boxes?”

“I don’t know, I think the trucks were supposed to be a distraction.”

“And what about the robots?”

“I don’t know, we weren’t hired to steal robots.”

“What were you hired for?”

“For the kid. Cold Steel wanted the kid.”


“The kid has powers. We were supposed to meet here for payment.”

“Do you see any kind of payment here?” Professor Twilight asked.

“You don’t just carry around that kind of cash.”

“It looks like Cold Steel was just going to double cross you,” Professor Twilight retorted.

Firebug jumped in with a question, “Were you hired as a group? Or on your own?”

“We were hired together.”

“Where is the rest of your team?”

“I would assume you still have them…”

The team heard the sound of the VTOL returning. They loaded everyone into the vehicle and radioed the base for a clean up crew.

(Had trouble keeping up with note taking for the interrogation, so some stuff is missing. There was a lot of slapping.)

M&M Session 2

Mutants and Masterminds Session 2 Feb 19 2011
Characters: Fex (Asylos), Professor Twilight, Spartan (played by Oxrs this time), Firebug (Clone_sniper), GM (Valentius)

(Picking up where we left off)
The North Guard soldiers loaded Death Magnetic and the unconscious Octaman and Mongoose into a VTOL to be taken into custody. The paramedics loaded the boy, who the team could now see was a 15 or 16 year old African American male, onto a stretcher, and Fex used her telekinesis to clear the debris out of their path to the chopper.

Professor Twilight headed towards the leader of the soldiers to see if the general had sent further orders for him. One of the reporters who had gathered at the entry to the mall rushed under the police line and tried to question him about what had happened. The commander quickly pushed the reporter back behind the line. Another soldier rushed over and informed the commander that the general was requesting the team return to base immediately. The team loaded back into the VTOL and headed off.

Upon reaching base, they headed straight for the ready room to meet the general. They could see two red lights flashing on the map. The general informed them that while they had been busy at the Eaton’s Centre, two other attacks had occurred; one near Sudbury at a research facility, and the other at the border of Nunavut and the North-West Territories at a government storage facility. The general said that they already had an agent on site in Sudbury, and that he needed the team to head up north. Once again, the team found themselves on the VTOL.

On the trip, they listened to the last recording from the facility. They heard the sounds of large tracked vehicles, energy fire, automatic weapons fire. Flying over the building they could see the large warehouse doors were singed, with part of them blown inwards. They could see tracks and footprints in the snow, and that a back section of the building and its roof were blown out from the inside. Gigantic boot prints led from the opening to a spot where vehicle tracks began. Professor Twilight suggested that the VTOL drop them off and then follow the tracks, but the pilot expressed concern that the fuel would not last. They landed and evacuated the vehicle.

A man in a parka ran up to the group, and quickly introduced himself as Dr. Albright when he noticed the Professor’s fighting stance. The doctor led the way inside, Fex using her telekinesis to keep her hat from flying away in the strong winter wind. Inside the warehouse, they could see destruction all around. Debris from crates and destroyed vehicles were spread about the room, along with the bodies of several soldiers. The doctor led them to a room in which 10-15 survivors were gathered. The doctor told them that three hours before, an unknown supervillain wearing a suit of armour attacked with some robots. The man had activated a device from the 1960s called an Omega Bot. The Omega Bots had been designed by a crazy professor who used them to attempt a take over of a U.S. city. The blueprints were later discovered by many supervillains, and the U.N. later declared the largest of the robots to be Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The team questioned the doctor as to whether anything else was missing. He said that they had not been able to determine yet what was missing or what had been destroyed in the combat, but that he was sure the Omega Bot was the primary target.

Firebug headed outside to try and repair the sabotaged communication equipment so that they could report in. Spartan snuck off to investigate the offices and see if there was any documentation that would give clues to the reason for the attack. Professor Twilight began going through the debris, and found a Grimoire that was marked with a symbol he recognized as belonging to the Shadow Prince, but he was not sure why he recognized it.

Fex spoke with the survivors, and explained that she wanted to read their minds to get a better image of the villain who had attacked them. They were reluctant, but agreed, and she told them to focus on thoughts of what had happened. She saw an image of the villain, clad in black and blue/white metal armour, with vapour leaking from it. She saw shards of ice and cold projecting out from the gauntlets. She also saw the robots he had brought with him. They were throwbacks to an older era, bulky with floppy arms and stiff tracks and shoulder mounted guns. She tried to dig further into the survivors’ memories to see if there was anything else they may want to know, but they were too shook up from the attack still.

Spartan had found a rough catalogue of the items stored in the warehouse. It seemed it was all technology captured from various supervillains. He noticed one entry that piqued his interest and decided to look for it. He found the Omni Belt and put it on beneath the parka he was wearing.

Firebug got the communications array working and made a report to the general. He told them to search for the Omega Bot. The team took one of the facility vehicles and began following the tracks in the snow. Once they reached the highway, they could no longer tell one set of tracks from another, and Professor Twilight performed a ritual to see where the truck had gone. He saw the vehicle, and gave the vehicle description to the others, who called it in. They called in the VTOL and followed where the truck had gone. They received a call with the GPS tracking of the truck and made their way to the location, a warehouse in a small town.

Professor Twilight and Spartan left the VTOL as it passed over the warehouse, with Fex and Firebug flying close behind. Spartan and the Professor looked down through the skylight and could see the villain inside, along with Lord Etheric and Lightshow. The villain was shouting at the pair that they were a waste of money, the boss would be upset, and telling them that they were only useful as a distraction.

Spartan took this chance to leap down through the skylight, informing the villain that the pair was indeed a perfect distraction, and fly kicking the villain to great effect. Firebug then shot at Lightshow, hitting an illusory version of him, but the blast went through and hit the real one, “Show’s over punk!” she shouted.

Seeing the heros enter the scene, the villain called to his minions to flee, and they responded with “Yes, Cold Steel.”

Professor Twilight teleported in from the roof to try and grab Lord Etheric, but was evaded. Cold Steel’s robots emerged from the shadows and began to fire. Fex used her telekinetic flight to enter the fray and held the doors shut with her powers as the minions tried to escape in vans. Two vans however drove through the door, but a third ended up caught on the debris created. Cold Steel released a storm of cold as Spartan punched him. Firebug made some alterations to her gun and used it to burn the storm away, “You think you’re so cool? Let’s thaw this party out!”

Cold Steel created a path to the skylight out of ice and fled, “Say hello to my little friend!” he said as the tarp on a large tractor trailer began to shake. The Omega Bot was beginning to stir.

The Professor continued his fight with Lord Etheric, as they had unfinished business.

(Note taker left here to start making dinner…)

Lightshow vanished in one of his illusions, but Fex used her mental senses to find him. Unable to take control of his mind, she telekinetically picked up the van stuck in the doorway and flung it at the villain, knocking him unconscious.

Spartan used the Omni Belt and pulled out a miniaturized motor bike. The bike expanded to become a full sized 1950s era military motor bike, and Spartan began chasing after the escaping vans.

(Stopped here for dinner, to be picked up next session!)

Mutants and Masterminds Session 1ish

Characters: Fex (Asylos), Firebug (clone_sniper), Professor Twilight, Spartan (Valentius – also GM)

Location: Toronto

Midday approaches as the North Guard Initiative’s newest Superhero team is finishing up a training mission in the secret base on Toronto Island. Suddenly, they hear an alarm sound and are quickly escorted to the ready room where they meet General Westchester. The team is informed that mere minutes before a group of 5 paranormal entities had entered the Eaton’s Centre and were causing havoc. The team was escorted to the hanger bay, where they were loaded into a VTOL and were on their way downtown.

Once they were hovering over the building, Spartan leapt down through one of the broken skylights. They could see that there was already a fight occurring inside. Firebug flew in shortly after with her jet pack, and Fex flew in with the power of her telekinetic flight. The Professor made use of his teleporting skills to make his way inside.

The scene inside the mall was one of panic, as civilians tried to clear out of the way of the battle. There were five entities attacking a young male who was defending himself the best he could with blasts of energy. Two of the people he was fighting were flying; one was a goth who seemed to use the power of his mind for flight (Lord Etheric) and the other was a woman who seemed to collect metal objects around her as armour (Death Magnetic). The three on the ground were a beastly woman (Mongoose), the many limbed octopus man (Octoman) and a person who seemed to shape the light around them to make their figure just a blur (Lightshow).

The team entered the fray. Firebug took aim at Octoman with her firey blaster, with a comment regarding “Fried Calamari”. Fex tried to read Lightshow’s mind, but found it slippery and disturbing on first glance. Things became hectic as they began to fight.

(No play by play, sorry, just choice bits)

Fex eyed Lord Etheric and figured he would be one with strong mental resistance and decided to use her telekinetic powers to lift one of the metal benches that lined the halls of the mall and flung it at him full force, sending him spinning back.

Paramedics moved in to start helping the young energy controller once Lightshow had rendered him unconscious with his prismatic blasts. Death Magnetic, seeing others moving towards her quarry, pulled a large sign from her floating armour and flung it towards them. Fex flew forward to intercept, the sign striking the forcefield around her chest. She flung it aside with distain, and endeavored to keep herself between the flying villainess and the rescue team tending to the victim. From there, Fex turned her attention to Octoman, who looked to be one of the more weak willed of the group. She took control of his mind and had him attack Death Magnetic. When he finally broke free of her control, she began attacking him with her mental blast. He attacked and tried to grab her, but she avoided it and rendered him unconscious.

Lord Etheric meanwhile had been fighting with Professor Twilight, and soon realized he was outmatched and fled. Lightshow disappeared in a flash of light, leaving Professor Twilight to turn his attention to Death Magnetic as Spartan dealt Mongoose a crushing blow to the head.

Professor Twilight teleported up to Death Magnetic, and grabbed her in a choke hold. Fex noticed the pair starting to fall and grabbed them telekinetically, guiding them to a safe landing where she was able to hold the villainess once she had broken free of the Professor’s grip. After futile attempts to escape, the villainess surrendered. The Professor took some plastic zip-ties from the North Guard soldiers that had arrived, and restrained her.

(Game night ended early, so had to stop here)


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