Zoggrot Urtygutz (RT)

Ork Painboy


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50 25 50 45 35 40 35 35 20

Wounds 16

Starting Ork Stuff
Skills: Common Lore (Orks) (Int), Intimidate (S), Speak Language (Ork) (Int)
‘Ard – Unnatural Toughness (x2), Sturdy, Iron Jaw, True Grit, +20 to medicae tests to treat an Ork
Made Fer Fightin’ – Furious Assault, Xenos Weapon Training (Ork)
Make it Work – Any Ork weapon with Unreliable quality is not considered Unreliable when wielded by an Ork. Choppas, Big Choppas and Powa Klaws have the Tearing Quality when used by an ork. Ork armour when worn by an Ork loses the Primative Quality.
Might Makes Right – When dealing with Greenskins, can use Inimidate to perform normal functions of Command, affected a number of subordinate Greenskins equal to SB.
Mob Rule – For every additional Ork within 10m, the Ork’s WP is increased by +10 to resist Fear & Pinning.

Ork Freeboota Starting Stuff
Skills: Awareness (Per), Barter (Fel), Carouse (T), Common Lore (War) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primative, SP), Melee Weapon Training (Unversal), Peer (Own Klan), Pistol Weapon Training (Primative, SP)

Painboy – gain Medicae

Rank 1 Purchases (2500)
Resistance (Poisons)
Int + 10
WS + 10
S + 5
Sound Consitution
Brutal Charge

Rank 2 Purchases (3000)
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)
Speak Language (Orks) +10
Common Lore (Orks) + 10
Crushing Blow
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Common Lore (Imperium)
Sound Constitution (3)
Intimidate +10

Rank 3 Purchases (3000)
Awareness +10
Die Hard
Resistance (Fear)
Intimidate +20
Survival +10
Too ‘Ard Ta Care
Exotic Weapon Training (’Urty Syringe)
T +5


Zoggrot Urtygutz (RT)

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