Jareth Aergan (WFRPG)

A barber surgeon from Stromdorf.


Career: Barber Surgeon (Rank 1)
Trained skills: Charm, Discipline, First Aid, Folklore
Specializations: Combat Surgery, Tending Critical Wounds
Strength 2, Toughness 3, Agility 3, Intelligence 4, Willpower 3, Fellowship 3

Crossbow, Straight Razor (counts as a Dagger), Mail Shirt, “Comfortable” wealth level trappings, 2 healing draughts, common medical supplies

Money: 1 Gold (saving to buy a home for he and his intended)


Mother – seemstress, Father – tailor/cobbler (they own a shop together)
Intended: Annabella, an apprentice with the midwife/apothecary

Jareth Aergan (WFRPG)

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