Girl Gadget (SotC)



Being redone as an NPC for Mutants and Masterminds.

I can fix it!
Listen to me damnit!
Missing Mentor!
Nemesis! (Sinister Super Spies)
Super Goggles!
Hands off my stuff!
Prime Target!
I’ll take that!

Superb – Engineering
Great – Science!, Resources
Good – Resolve, Academics, Contacting
Fair – Empathy, Investigation, Slight of Hand, Athletics
Average – Guns, Survival, Rapore, Alertness, Weapons

Personal Gadget (Goggles)
Universal Gadget (varies)
Architect of Death
Grease Monkey
Mr. Fix-It


Orphaned at a young age, Girl Gadget’s guardian was an Alchemist, who was obsessed with the Philosopher’s Stone. There were no children her age around, and with her guardian busy with his quest, she befriended the Clockmaker (Jack). The Clockmaker later inducted her into the Century Club, and introduced her to her future career with MI6. The Clockmaker was killed when the Clock Tower was bombed by the Sinister Super Spies. f

Phase 3 (your novel)
Girl Gadget and the Sinister Super Spies
- The SSS have invisoplanes that only Girl Gadget can stop, with the help of her friends: The Iron Shadow, the Huron Kid and Max Jones.

Phase 4 (guest staring in)
Max Jones versus the Destructoid of Doom!
-When one of Girl Gadget’s creations is tampered with, she teams up with Max Jones to stop it.

Phase 5 (guest staring in)
Iron Shadow in the Case of the Cursed Crimson Cutlass!
-Kidnapped again! Will the heros be able to rescue Girl Gadget when she is tangled up in the Iron Shadow’s case?

Girl Gadget (SotC)

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