Fex (M&M)

A red-headed Irish Canadian Psychic Magician


Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition
Psychic – built with archetype taking mind control instead of illusion

Advantages: Fearless
Complications: Responsibility (motivation), Public Identity, Past Relationship with a villain

Character Sheet


Fex is a stage magician by trade, but receives ridicule from critics who assume she is using her psychic abilities instead of proper stage magic. (Her defenders state proof that she can’t be, as she has a violet glow about her when using her powers.) She lives in a loft above the theatre in which she performs.

She feels a great responsibility to do good with the powers she has been given. She had a relationship in the past with a great scientist who had sought human perfection, but after a tragic accident he changed and they no longer spoke.

Fex (M&M)

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