My GM Is Lazy

Rogue Trader Session 3

Travel past vaults and other rooms as the group wanders about to become more familiar with the area. Then decide to return to the grand entrance. On the way, the acolytes are approached by Mayweather, who seems nervous and asks if there is somewhere they can talk. Zee offers her room for the discussion, and the pair makes apologies to the Captain and withdraw with the agent. Mayweather checks their documents, and then admits he was hoping for a squad or two, space marines, or for the Inquisitor to come, or send his witch. He says that terror has made him loose lipped. He says that more items have entered the auctions, and that two of the skyships have disappeared on the trip, and those that have arrived have been filled with heretics. He says that if Marr knew what was here, he would destroy the place. Solomon tries to calm him down so that he could explain. He tells them that people have been disappearing, and killed, a trooper was killed and found with his brain missing. He says that the Sorrowful Guild are everywhere and that they need to get out. Upon questioning, he describes some of the items he has seen, but has not been able to examine. An unbound book full of parchment, a bloody seal the width of a human palm with the image of an aquilla clutching keys, a silver key, a large book (torso sized) bound in some type of skin, a shattered space marine power armour paldron, a mask that is made of withered grey-green xenos flesh that is featureless but for a mouth, a blurred portrait encased in crystal with “The Mirror of my Blood” etched in High Gothic, the Gilded Widow (a life size gold automaton) dressed in an archaic gown with clockwork parts which gave him a terrible sense of dread. He has been unable to raise Marr on the vox due to the coming storm. In the last five days several staff have gone missing (7 people, 2 adepts, some troopers and indentured servants), and two found dead (one was crushed beneath a statue).

Zee and Solomon visit the tomb of Haarlock. Solomon investigates the door and finds that there are two doors. One reads “Death is but a door” and the other reads “Here dwell the children of the kingdom”. An impossibly tall person in black shrouds (the head mourner) approaches soundlessly. He ushers the pair away from the crypt.

The Captain went to look around the reception area and saw many of the Sorrowful Guild but was not allowed into the auction area. She was allowed to look around their Garden Of Lost Saints, and on the dome ceiling was a star map that she noticed was a thousand years out of date.

Time comes for the reception in the garden. The group checks their weapons at the door.

Bland will be making a formal announcement regarding the auction and its rules, the Mourners will perform their eulogy and prayer to He Who Held Stars and Wonders in the Palm of His Hand. Many of the attendees wonder if the prayer was for the Emperor or Haarlock. The reception lasts for a few hours while Mourners in ceramic masks hand out food on silver platters.

Melanie is introduced to Master Nonisouch. He is dressed in solemn clothes of one of Solomon’s Guildmasters. He is accompanied by three flak clothed guards and a private secretary in a whalebone dress. They are polite, but distant and emotionless. Solomon attempts to charm the secretary, but she thanks him politely and turns down his drink offer.

Zee gets the distinct impression that there is something unaccountably and terrifyingly wrong about Master Nonisouch, despite his outwardly pleasant appearance.

Melanie asks around about the other attendees.

Captain Rubeio of the Osmandius – tall handsome man with looks that are enhanced by surgery, dressed as he feels is the ideal of a Rogue Trader, constantly preening himself, egotistical, wealthy due to his family

Magier Marshrek – a death worlder, alone no entourage, predator feel, sabre wolf pelt, word is that he is a rogue trader but no one knows for sure

Melanie meets up with Zee and Solomon. Solomon leaves to mingle. Melanie asks Zee if the Abbot was killed during the pirate attack or if he had disembarked, and Zee tells her that she wasn’t paying much attention as she was just glad to be on land again. Solomon hears rumours of xenos items up for the auction. Melanie asks Zee if they are here on the behalf of another or themselves and Zee tells her they are there on behalf of Izekiel Sunder. Zee and Melanie split up and try to determine who may have information on what is for auction. Melanie learns that the Mourners (especially the High Mourner), Bland and the adepts working under Bland would have knowledge of what items are up for auction. Melanie figures it would be best to speak to Bland in the morning in his office rather than at the party, and seeks out the Head Mourner Greal. She asks him what the Mourners do, and is told that they prepare. Melanie tries to improve Greal’s disposition towards her by asking about the funerary rites, but he just indicates that she should visit the library for that information. Melanie bluntly asks if he knows what is for auction and the man leans down and tells her that she can wait along with the others. She tries to stare him down, but realizes she is not succeeding and thanks him before excusing herself. She then finds one of Bland’s entourage and requests an appointment with him in the morning.

The next morning Melanie goes to her appointment with Bland. She hints at the trouble he is having with the Sorrowful Guild. He says that it is difficult to get any work done when you have no control over the doors or machinery. She indicates that she may have means to solve his problem, and he tells her to stop there, as she cannot afford to break his contract with the Administratum. She asks if there is anything else she can do to improve his situation. He replies that there is nothing that he can think of. She seductively offers him an exotic cigar, and tells him to let her know if he would like more, or if he thinks of anything else that would make his life more pleasant. She asks if she could take a quick look at the auction list. Bland asks the other adept present in the room to leave and get something for him, then slides his drawer open to pull out a data slate. She notices some Tau weaponry on the list and makes a note of the lot number. Nothing else catches her attention. She leaves him her number.

Solomon says that he is going to check on Alex (with the intent of getting his compact weapon), and Zee goes to check if the skyships have left. Zee finds that two of the ships are still there, one of which is the one that they had arrived on. Solomon arrives to find Alex semi-conscious. Solomon explains why he is there, and Alex offers a deal in exchange for decent food. Alex pulls the gun out from under his pillow and points to his bag for an extra power pack when Solomon offers a Grox burger. Zee arrives as Solomon is leaving. Zee stops in to see Alex and warns him to keep himself ready for a quick escape. Solomon heads to Dead Town to find food for the group.

When they return to the Garden of Lost Souls they can see that the lesser items have been put out on display. The PDF troopers and servitors in the room are heavily armed. Melanie bids on a pulse pistol and rifle and succeeds. Melanie successfully bids on some artwork. Solomon bids on some clothing and a weapon lot which ends up containing a slugga. Zee bids on some treasure as well.



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