My GM Is Lazy

Rogue Trader Session 1 & 2

Clone_Sniper: Rogue Trader Melanie Reynald & Assassin Alexander
Valentius: Gunslinger Solomon Havlock
Asylos: Seneschal Arbiter Zee

Solomon , Alex and Zee are working undercover for Inquisitor Marr, heading to an auction on a rogue trader’s possessions. Melanie is on her way to the auction as well, and they met up on the ship taking them to the island on which the auction was to be held.

Session 1 and 2

A year after their last mission, Solomon, Alex and Zee are contacted by another agent of their Inquisitor. They are given a Writ of Authority indicating that they are being transferred to another Inquisitor by the name of Silas Marr. They get the impression that the agent delivering their instructions does not feel comfortable with the things that are taking place. They are instructed to go to an auction of the property of a Rogue Trader by the name of Erasmus Haarlock on planet Solomon. Solomon Havlock asks the agent if there is anything in particular that is bothering her. The agent warns that Marr has a bad reputation and to be wary, and that the Inquisitor has not left planet Solomon for hundreds of years.

The trio and their escort land on the planet and are taken to a smaller ship for transport to one of the hive cities where the Hall of Chancellary Court is located (a smooth building with a clock on the outside). Their weapons are confiscated. Solomon attempts to hide a knife on his person, but is asked to turn it over. He shudders as the group passes a cherub. A clerk leads the trio to a door marked “13”. Inside, they are given sealed envelopes with Marr’s seal which contain a Writ of Authority. Looking around, the group can tell that the servants here are frequently mind-clensed to protect the Inquisitor’s secrets. They speak with Marr, and are told they will be travelling to the House of Dust and Ash, an island that is outside the law and houses a crematorium, which is where the auction is to be held. Marr tells the group that they will be acting undercover as his bidders as employees of Izekial Sunder. They are given a data slate of wanted heretics, 1000 thrones and a credit chip for one million thrones each. They are told that a man by the name of Mayweather is Marr’s plant at the auction, and are told the Haarlocks were fond of cyphers.

They travel to the island on a ship that travels over the acidic sea. They meet two mercenaries (Vymer and Quill), Lanis Sisten (an old academic with a scribe by the name of Whent), Octavia Nile (a young woman in business attire who works for a cartel, with bodyguards and a hooded adept who give Zee an old feeling with their cold and distant look), Abbot Tamask (a dirty, sweaty, unpleasant cleric, who claims to have had a vision of a holy relic being at the auction, Solomon feels uneasy regarding the Abbot’s followers, and they find the Abbot lacks knowledge of the Ministorum).

Missing notes due to laziness: Alex kills one of the Abbot’s followers when he is attacked. Solomon and Zee meet Melanie and talk to the other travellers.

The ship is boarded by pirates! Fight ensues. Melanie’s escort do not survive. Zee ends up shooting Melanie by accident while trying to kill one of the captain’s attackers, and ends up giving 500 thrones to the mercenaries to cover up her blunder.

Alex sneaks down into the Abbot’s room, killing two of his followers inside before the Abbot appears, with his hood down and showing his face lacking eyes. Alex recognizes this as a sign that the Abbot is a servant or vassal of the Crow Father, who they had encountered the year before. Fight ensues! Alex calls for help when the Abbot kicks his butt and takes control of him. Solomon and Zee run to the room. Solomon shouts at Alex to drop down. Zee is panicked by the Abbot’s psychic attacks and flees. Alex drops to the floor so that Solomon can fire at the Abbot. The Abbot tries to make Solomon fire upon himself, but the gunslinger’s will held firm against it. The Abbot then attacks Solomon with psychic fear, and reduces him to insane laughter. Alex realizes that Solomon has been compromised and starts to run, but Solomon shoots him with his Inferno pistol in his madness. The Abbot forces Solomon to walk over to Alex, who is on the ground, and aim at him with his gun. Alex rolls over and opens fire on Solomon’s head, and it knocks Solomon out of the Abbot’s control. Solomon gives Alex his gun and is grappled by the Abbot. Alex fires at the Abbot but then both are attacked by the Abbot’s aura of fear. The pair can see a flock of shale crows inside of the Abbot. Solomon breaks free of the grapple and runs in fear. Alex falls unconscious. Zee snaps out of her panic and hurries back, and is forced to shoot Alex, but misses. Solomon meets up with Vymer and the mercenary slaps him out of it. Solomon tells him about the Abbot being possessed, and the mercenary whistles for Quinn and the pair head towards the Abbot’s room. Zee fires at the Abbot with Executioner rounds but is unable to harm him. The Abbot attacks Alex again, crushing him. Vymer and Quill run up beside Zee with their combat shotguns at the ready. The Abbot sends a shock-wave of force down the hall, knocking Vymer and Zee to the ground while Quill braces himself against the wall. Solomon arrives and fires over the prone characters, causing the Abbot to explode into a massive flock of shale crows. Quinn fires on the crows, setting fire to them. The hallway fills with flames. Quill and Vymer put out the flames that catch on Alex and Zee.

The group rests as they wait to reach the isle.

Ship docks beside three others. First officer pulls the group aside because they had helped save the ship and warns them that none of the ships hired to take people to the island were hired for any return trips. Ash falls like snow. Alex is moved off in a stretcher, the other three head towards the house to look for their lodging. They are met by a steward who asks for their credentials. He hands over a data slate with a map of the island with locations of note marked. The black clad Sorrowful Guild they may see are the caretakers of the crematorium, he informs them.

The group heads towards their lodgings. The locks are very complex clockwork locks.

Melanie decides to visit Dead Town, and Zee and Solomon accompany her. It is a mostly lawless town where trading is available. After some shopping, they return to the main building and look around. In a library, Zee finds a book on the Haarlock line. They are a family of rogue traders that go back 4000 years. They are known as sinister and vengeful. There are rumours they can trap the souls of their enemies in eternal torment. The House of Dust and Ash was once the outpost of Solomon Haarlock. Each great family on Solomon is required to pay a tribute when one of the Haarlock line falls, “The Death Gift of the Haarlocks”.



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