My GM Is Lazy

On The Run (SR)

It is raining. Lone Star is in heavy attendance in the area, and jobs have been slow to show. A call comes in from Dante, a fixer, with a job offer. Infinity is the place to meet the Johnson.

Dru leaves in her biking gear. She leaves her guns in the bike with the anti-theft on. She checks her sword at the door. Jeffery manages to conceal one of his weapons to take in. Thornton checks his gun at door. Trance also sneaks in a weapon.

As instructed, Jeffery approaches the Elven bartender and tells her they are there for the Johnson party after ordering a drink. She comments that she’s not quite sure which party they are looking for. He pays for his drink and slips her an extra 5 Nuyen. She leans over the bar and whispers in his ear over the noise, “You’ll find your party in the blue room upstairs. Come see me after.” He thanks her and heads in that direction. The team travels up the stairs and around a catwalk. Jeffery uses the code the bartender had sent to his commlink to open the door. Trance seems to be acting somewhat jerkily. Thornton asks what is wrong but the kid says he is just distracted. The room they enter is blue, as it is named, with a white noise generator on the table. The Johnson is a Troll. He welcomes the team and tells them to sit. He explains that an object has been stolen from his employer and that they think the thief is attempting to sell it. It is data of a musical nature, an old optical disc. He informs them that if any copies were made, they are to track down and destroy them. His employer is willing to cover the costs should they need to purchase the item. He offers 10,000Y for the job, half up front. Jeffery and Thornton begin to negotiate. The Troll says that he can offer another 8,000Y when the job is done. They accept the job. (1250Y is advanced.) Dru asks if he can give any details as to where the item was stolen from, and he indicates a wealthy area of town. The Johnson is unable to describe the details of the missing data. Jeffery and the troll shake hands. The Elf tries to get a feel from the man, and gets the impression that the Johnson has not mislead them in their discussion. Mr. Johnson picks up the white noise generator and leaves.

Jeffery goes back to the bartender and makes arrangements to meet her after work. The others head off to check their own contacts and agree to meet up later.

After four hours they learn that Naboo, a young ork, got an email selling old music. Naboo is performing one last concert in town before leaving to seek his fame on tour. Jeffery and Thornton both know that Naboo was a ganger with the Black Fangs in the past. Trance does a matrix search on him. Jeffery buys everyone else a drink while they wait for Trance to come back out of the matrix. Trance comes to and asks for some water, rubbing his head. Jeffery calls the server and orders another round of drinks. Trace tells them that Naboo is quite full of himself, and that the ex-ganger’s name is short for “pick of the litter” or “sexually hot” in Ork tongue. He learns that Jaegger, an ork best friend of Naboo’s, has been put in charge of security and that the man is a novacoke addict. He also has directions to the sold out concert tomorrow night. Trance grins and says that he has some toys that can help them get in.

Jeffery and Thornton decide to see their contacts about finding tickets or further information. Dru decides to make some novacoke and makes ten doses over the next hour. Jeffery talks to his gang contacts to see if they have any information on the security at the site. He learns that Naboo has spent a lot on security, but that the site is too large for them to patrol the entire site. They have mini-drones controlled by a rigger, and metal detecting wands. Outside guards are Trolls, but that the Black Fangs are doing interior security. It is taking place at an old warehouse. Thornton buys a ticket from his contact and sets about trying to forge three more. He calls Trance to see if he can help, and finds out what the kid is up to. “Next time you want to tell me what you’re up to, leave the help files on,” the Ork comments after Trance’s explanation. “Ok Gramps!” the kid replies. Thornton then calls Jeffery to see if he has the necessary skills. The Elf replies that he has never had a need for that and suggests calling Trance. Thornton replies that he already tried, and that Trance said he was doing something with his drones. Jeffery replies that he does not want to know and hangs up after suggesting he call Dru. “Hi Dru, it’s Thornton.” “I know, your id popped up.” He asks her about forgery skills. She asks where to meet him. He suggests she come by his place as he has a shop with proper tools. He sends the address and she heads over. They work on making the tickets. They spend 6 hours making spare tickets, with some to be sold. During the time Dru calls Jeffery and Trance to meet them and once the forgery is done they share information. Thornton contacts his fence to sell off two of the tickets. The real ticket is given to Trance as he looks the most out of place. Thornton takes the lowest quality ticket as he is the least likely to be thought as out of place at the concert. Jeffery then offers to take the low quality one as he feels he won’t need the ticket. Jeffery and Dru both notice that Trance seems agitated and excited. Jeffery asks if he has something to say. Trance says “Not here” and takes them out to his van to show them something. Trance gives them a tour of the back and pats the vehicle, which then starts with a purr. He tells them he used his drones to scope out the warehouse and got some layouts. He projects it on AR, which Jeffery uses his commlink to view. Noticing this, Trance loads it up on a monitor for Jeffery. Trace says they need to get on the roof for the best access. He says the back door is locked but unguarded. He says he doesn’t know where the rigger is situated but knows there is one. Jeffery says that his contact tells him there are only a couple mini drones. They discuss the plan. Trance says he needs to access Naboo’s commlink to get a copy of the email with the information regarding the sale. He can hack it in a few minutes or less, but would need to drop into VR and would need his meat body protected. Dru says that will not be a problem.



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