My GM Is Lazy

Mutants and Masterminds Session 3

(Picking up where session 2 ended)

Spartan continues to follow the two vans that fled the warehouse.

Meanwhile, not wanting to risk further damage to the unconscious driver in the van, Fex looked around for other objects to throw at the Omega Bot. As it was a construct, it was immune to her mind control. She tossed some of the scattered boxes against it, but they broke with no real effect on the giant. Firebug fired her blaster at it, also to no effect.

Lord Etheric turned to Firebug, “Forget the Omega Bot, you still have me to deal with!”

Professor Twilight stepped forward, “No, you Scallywag! You have me to deal with!” He tried to grab the villain but the mentalist became more etheric and the hero’s hand passed through him.

The Omega Bot turned towards Firebug, panels on its chest sliding apart to reveal a laser. The smaller robots (neferiods) fired upon Professor Twilight.

Spartan, still following the vans, took a quick look at the controls on the bike, and found a weapon control. He pressed the button and a gun emerged from each side of the gun with a firing mechanism on the handlebars. He fired at the closest van, shooting out its tires and sending it careening off the road.

Fex used her telekinesis to give Firebug a lift up to the back of the Omega Bot so that she could begin cutting her way into its controls. Lord Etheric turned his mental powers against Professor Twilight. The Omega Bot reached around and grabbed Firebug between its giant metal hands.

Spartan turned on the bike’s jet blast and sped after the other van, leaping onto it when he was close enough, leaving the motorbike to spin out of control behind him.

Using her mental powers, Fex pried open the Omega Bot’s hands, allowing Firebug to drop out of the robot’s grip. Lord Etheric summoned his ectoplasmic fire to attack Professor Twilight and Firebug, but the latter was able to dodge out of the way.

Spartan held on tight as the driver of the van swerved to try and knock him off.

Professor Twilight turned to Lord Etheric and dealt him a mighty blow, finally rendering the villain unconscious. The Omega Bot raised one hand and fired a net at Professor Twilight, tangling him up within it.

Spartan swung in through the driver’s side window and with a strong kick knocked the driver out the passenger’s side. The van went out of control, rolling as it skidded to a stop on its side.

Fex began picking up neferiods and throwing them at the Omega Bot, where they exploded on impact, scorching the giant robot. Firebug flew back up to the robot’s head, dealing a powerful attack that left it dazed. Professor Twilight fought against the net restraining him as the neferiods fired upon him. The Omega Bot drew up its other hand and fired a gas at Firebug, leaving her dazed as she gasped for air.

Spartan pulled himself out from the crashed van and climbed on top of the side that was now the roof. From there he reached over and pulled open the back door knowing he would be clear of anything that fell out. He investigated the contents and found machine parts, but nothing he would have expected a supervillain to steal.

Fex continued throwing neferiods at the Omega Bot, doing her best to take out one enemy while damaging another. Firebug landed up in the rafters, trying to get clear of the suffocating gas. Professor Twilight broke free of the net, then teleported closer to the Omega Bot. The Omega Bot turned its chest laser towards Fex, but it was defeated by the power of her shields. The neferiods realized that shooting at Fex was ineffective, and focused on Professor Twilight. He dodged their attacks and with a signal timed his attack against the spot Firebug had begun cutting open with another tossed neferiod from Fex. The Omega Bot flicked Professor Twilight off of him. Firebug recovered from the effects of the gas, and the three attacked in unison. Firebug fired her heat ray at the bot’s head, Professor Twilight leapt up and attacked its knee with dark energy, and Fex continued pelting it with neferiods. The Omega Bot’s head exploded from the overload and the construct began to topple, forcing Fex and Professor Twilight to dodge out of the way before being crushed beneath it.

After clearing up the last of the neferiods, the trio set about dealing with the unconscious villains. Professor Twilight restrained Lord Etheric, securing him to the Omega Bot in case he woke and tried to fly away. Fex telekinetically moved the driver of the van to a safe spot, then moved the van away from the wall so that Firebug could tend to Lightshow. When Spartan returned, he used what first aid he could to ensure the driver was stable. Professor Twilight performed a quick ritual to try and lower the villains’ defenses so that Fex could search their minds for information, but they had little success. Spartan searched the Omni Belt for something that may help and found a syringe that seemed to contain a healing serum. With Lightshow restrained, he injected the villain to revive him for questioning and removed his mask.

“Don’t hurt me again!” Lightshow said, clearly intimidated by Spartan.

Spartan tapped the syringe, then put it back in the belt. “Who are you?”


Spartan slapped the villain and repeated his question.

“Angus Wilcox!”

“Who do you work for?”

“Cold Steel.”

“Didn’t he hire you from someone else?” Professor Twilight asked.

“Cold Steel was my boss, but I don’t think he was the big boss…”

“Why were you stealing boxes?”

“I don’t know, I think the trucks were supposed to be a distraction.”

“And what about the robots?”

“I don’t know, we weren’t hired to steal robots.”

“What were you hired for?”

“For the kid. Cold Steel wanted the kid.”


“The kid has powers. We were supposed to meet here for payment.”

“Do you see any kind of payment here?” Professor Twilight asked.

“You don’t just carry around that kind of cash.”

“It looks like Cold Steel was just going to double cross you,” Professor Twilight retorted.

Firebug jumped in with a question, “Were you hired as a group? Or on your own?”

“We were hired together.”

“Where is the rest of your team?”

“I would assume you still have them…”

The team heard the sound of the VTOL returning. They loaded everyone into the vehicle and radioed the base for a clean up crew.

(Had trouble keeping up with note taking for the interrogation, so some stuff is missing. There was a lot of slapping.)



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