My GM Is Lazy

Mutants and Masterminds Session 1ish

Characters: Fex (Asylos), Firebug (clone_sniper), Professor Twilight, Spartan (Valentius – also GM)

Location: Toronto

Midday approaches as the North Guard Initiative’s newest Superhero team is finishing up a training mission in the secret base on Toronto Island. Suddenly, they hear an alarm sound and are quickly escorted to the ready room where they meet General Westchester. The team is informed that mere minutes before a group of 5 paranormal entities had entered the Eaton’s Centre and were causing havoc. The team was escorted to the hanger bay, where they were loaded into a VTOL and were on their way downtown.

Once they were hovering over the building, Spartan leapt down through one of the broken skylights. They could see that there was already a fight occurring inside. Firebug flew in shortly after with her jet pack, and Fex flew in with the power of her telekinetic flight. The Professor made use of his teleporting skills to make his way inside.

The scene inside the mall was one of panic, as civilians tried to clear out of the way of the battle. There were five entities attacking a young male who was defending himself the best he could with blasts of energy. Two of the people he was fighting were flying; one was a goth who seemed to use the power of his mind for flight (Lord Etheric) and the other was a woman who seemed to collect metal objects around her as armour (Death Magnetic). The three on the ground were a beastly woman (Mongoose), the many limbed octopus man (Octoman) and a person who seemed to shape the light around them to make their figure just a blur (Lightshow).

The team entered the fray. Firebug took aim at Octoman with her firey blaster, with a comment regarding “Fried Calamari”. Fex tried to read Lightshow’s mind, but found it slippery and disturbing on first glance. Things became hectic as they began to fight.

(No play by play, sorry, just choice bits)

Fex eyed Lord Etheric and figured he would be one with strong mental resistance and decided to use her telekinetic powers to lift one of the metal benches that lined the halls of the mall and flung it at him full force, sending him spinning back.

Paramedics moved in to start helping the young energy controller once Lightshow had rendered him unconscious with his prismatic blasts. Death Magnetic, seeing others moving towards her quarry, pulled a large sign from her floating armour and flung it towards them. Fex flew forward to intercept, the sign striking the forcefield around her chest. She flung it aside with distain, and endeavored to keep herself between the flying villainess and the rescue team tending to the victim. From there, Fex turned her attention to Octoman, who looked to be one of the more weak willed of the group. She took control of his mind and had him attack Death Magnetic. When he finally broke free of her control, she began attacking him with her mental blast. He attacked and tried to grab her, but she avoided it and rendered him unconscious.

Lord Etheric meanwhile had been fighting with Professor Twilight, and soon realized he was outmatched and fled. Lightshow disappeared in a flash of light, leaving Professor Twilight to turn his attention to Death Magnetic as Spartan dealt Mongoose a crushing blow to the head.

Professor Twilight teleported up to Death Magnetic, and grabbed her in a choke hold. Fex noticed the pair starting to fall and grabbed them telekinetically, guiding them to a safe landing where she was able to hold the villainess once she had broken free of the Professor’s grip. After futile attempts to escape, the villainess surrendered. The Professor took some plastic zip-ties from the North Guard soldiers that had arrived, and restrained her.

(Game night ended early, so had to stop here)



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