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M&M Session 2

Mutants and Masterminds Session 2 Feb 19 2011
Characters: Fex (Asylos), Professor Twilight, Spartan (played by Oxrs this time), Firebug (Clone_sniper), GM (Valentius)

(Picking up where we left off)
The North Guard soldiers loaded Death Magnetic and the unconscious Octaman and Mongoose into a VTOL to be taken into custody. The paramedics loaded the boy, who the team could now see was a 15 or 16 year old African American male, onto a stretcher, and Fex used her telekinesis to clear the debris out of their path to the chopper.

Professor Twilight headed towards the leader of the soldiers to see if the general had sent further orders for him. One of the reporters who had gathered at the entry to the mall rushed under the police line and tried to question him about what had happened. The commander quickly pushed the reporter back behind the line. Another soldier rushed over and informed the commander that the general was requesting the team return to base immediately. The team loaded back into the VTOL and headed off.

Upon reaching base, they headed straight for the ready room to meet the general. They could see two red lights flashing on the map. The general informed them that while they had been busy at the Eaton’s Centre, two other attacks had occurred; one near Sudbury at a research facility, and the other at the border of Nunavut and the North-West Territories at a government storage facility. The general said that they already had an agent on site in Sudbury, and that he needed the team to head up north. Once again, the team found themselves on the VTOL.

On the trip, they listened to the last recording from the facility. They heard the sounds of large tracked vehicles, energy fire, automatic weapons fire. Flying over the building they could see the large warehouse doors were singed, with part of them blown inwards. They could see tracks and footprints in the snow, and that a back section of the building and its roof were blown out from the inside. Gigantic boot prints led from the opening to a spot where vehicle tracks began. Professor Twilight suggested that the VTOL drop them off and then follow the tracks, but the pilot expressed concern that the fuel would not last. They landed and evacuated the vehicle.

A man in a parka ran up to the group, and quickly introduced himself as Dr. Albright when he noticed the Professor’s fighting stance. The doctor led the way inside, Fex using her telekinesis to keep her hat from flying away in the strong winter wind. Inside the warehouse, they could see destruction all around. Debris from crates and destroyed vehicles were spread about the room, along with the bodies of several soldiers. The doctor led them to a room in which 10-15 survivors were gathered. The doctor told them that three hours before, an unknown supervillain wearing a suit of armour attacked with some robots. The man had activated a device from the 1960s called an Omega Bot. The Omega Bots had been designed by a crazy professor who used them to attempt a take over of a U.S. city. The blueprints were later discovered by many supervillains, and the U.N. later declared the largest of the robots to be Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The team questioned the doctor as to whether anything else was missing. He said that they had not been able to determine yet what was missing or what had been destroyed in the combat, but that he was sure the Omega Bot was the primary target.

Firebug headed outside to try and repair the sabotaged communication equipment so that they could report in. Spartan snuck off to investigate the offices and see if there was any documentation that would give clues to the reason for the attack. Professor Twilight began going through the debris, and found a Grimoire that was marked with a symbol he recognized as belonging to the Shadow Prince, but he was not sure why he recognized it.

Fex spoke with the survivors, and explained that she wanted to read their minds to get a better image of the villain who had attacked them. They were reluctant, but agreed, and she told them to focus on thoughts of what had happened. She saw an image of the villain, clad in black and blue/white metal armour, with vapour leaking from it. She saw shards of ice and cold projecting out from the gauntlets. She also saw the robots he had brought with him. They were throwbacks to an older era, bulky with floppy arms and stiff tracks and shoulder mounted guns. She tried to dig further into the survivors’ memories to see if there was anything else they may want to know, but they were too shook up from the attack still.

Spartan had found a rough catalogue of the items stored in the warehouse. It seemed it was all technology captured from various supervillains. He noticed one entry that piqued his interest and decided to look for it. He found the Omni Belt and put it on beneath the parka he was wearing.

Firebug got the communications array working and made a report to the general. He told them to search for the Omega Bot. The team took one of the facility vehicles and began following the tracks in the snow. Once they reached the highway, they could no longer tell one set of tracks from another, and Professor Twilight performed a ritual to see where the truck had gone. He saw the vehicle, and gave the vehicle description to the others, who called it in. They called in the VTOL and followed where the truck had gone. They received a call with the GPS tracking of the truck and made their way to the location, a warehouse in a small town.

Professor Twilight and Spartan left the VTOL as it passed over the warehouse, with Fex and Firebug flying close behind. Spartan and the Professor looked down through the skylight and could see the villain inside, along with Lord Etheric and Lightshow. The villain was shouting at the pair that they were a waste of money, the boss would be upset, and telling them that they were only useful as a distraction.

Spartan took this chance to leap down through the skylight, informing the villain that the pair was indeed a perfect distraction, and fly kicking the villain to great effect. Firebug then shot at Lightshow, hitting an illusory version of him, but the blast went through and hit the real one, “Show’s over punk!” she shouted.

Seeing the heros enter the scene, the villain called to his minions to flee, and they responded with “Yes, Cold Steel.”

Professor Twilight teleported in from the roof to try and grab Lord Etheric, but was evaded. Cold Steel’s robots emerged from the shadows and began to fire. Fex used her telekinetic flight to enter the fray and held the doors shut with her powers as the minions tried to escape in vans. Two vans however drove through the door, but a third ended up caught on the debris created. Cold Steel released a storm of cold as Spartan punched him. Firebug made some alterations to her gun and used it to burn the storm away, “You think you’re so cool? Let’s thaw this party out!”

Cold Steel created a path to the skylight out of ice and fled, “Say hello to my little friend!” he said as the tarp on a large tractor trailer began to shake. The Omega Bot was beginning to stir.

The Professor continued his fight with Lord Etheric, as they had unfinished business.

(Note taker left here to start making dinner…)

Lightshow vanished in one of his illusions, but Fex used her mental senses to find him. Unable to take control of his mind, she telekinetically picked up the van stuck in the doorway and flung it at the villain, knocking him unconscious.

Spartan used the Omni Belt and pulled out a miniaturized motor bike. The bike expanded to become a full sized 1950s era military motor bike, and Spartan began chasing after the escaping vans.

(Stopped here for dinner, to be picked up next session!)



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