My GM Is Lazy

DeathWatch Session ?

The squad exits the pipe and moves further into the factory to find the Brood Lord. They enter a standard industrial room with large pipes, a control panel and various technology. They head down an access ramp around the machinery. As they come around a pipe, they notice a torn away section that leads down, telltale marks of Tyranid acid around the hole. Sepheran can tell that this leads down to the lair of the Brood Lord. Near the hole is the body of a woman in some kind of stasis field. They recognize her as the missing Inquisitor. Sepheran recognizes that the field is of psychic origin. He feels the Shadow of the Warp pressing in on him as he opens his senses. He suggests that killing the Brood Lord may disable the field if it had created it. Skold goes down the opening first. Scipio contemplates staying behind to try and help the Inquisitor but accepts Sepheran’s suggestion that killing the Brood Lord would free her, and recognizes that the field is keeping her safe. He tries to stay hidden as he quietly follows the others. As they move along through a large pipe, they notice smaller pipes breaking off. Octavius hears two genestealers in the side passages ahead, Skold notices one of them, the first about 15m ahead. The squad leader notifies the others of what he noticed. Skold moves forward 10m and prepares for the fight, keeping to the side so others can move forward as well. Scipio is suddenly attacked as a genestealer drops from a pipe above him, tearing at his chest with poisonous talons. An overwhelming sense of pervasive dread fills the room as the team has moved close enough to the Brood Lord for his aura to affect the team. Skold and Octavius are both attacked by the genestealers from ahead. Sepheran uses his staff to attack the genestealer that had damaged Scipio, giving it a solid thwack. Octavius uses his combat blade to strike at the genestealer as it attacks him. He places the barrel of his bolt pistol against the genestealer’s head and fires with righteous fury, tearing a hole in the side of it’s head and causing its acidic blood to spray out, but he dodges it. Skold uses his power sword to strike at the genestealer that attacked him. Elyas turns his bolt pistol on the genestealer that Scipio and Sepheran were attacking, firing kraken rounds. His burst fire hits twice in the body, and once in the head, killing it. Scipio spins and fires upon the , genestealer attacking the squad leader, killing it. Skold parries the first attack from the genestealer, but takes a minor hit from its second volley. Sepheran charges in to help Skold, but the genestealer dodges his attack. Octavius switches to his rifle and fires on the remaining genestealer. Skold finishes it off with disdain. The team pauses to check their surroundings and move on when they feel the area clear of enemies.

As the team progresses down the tube, they round a corner and find themselves in a large domed room with a hole in the center of the room. There are several pipes leading up, and there are many spots where genestealers could hide. Piles of egg sacks and goo are throughout the room. The floor is actually a collection of pipes, and the team activate their mag boots. Elyas loads hellfire rounds and takes up position at the entrance, Scipio does the same. Sepheran takes a firm grip on his staff and moves forward as he scans for the Brood Lord, Octavius moves towards the hole to take a look down the hole. Skold also moves forward, keeping strategic positioning. Sepheran feels echoes of a horrible intelligence in the room as he scans, and tells the others that he cannot tell where exactly it is. Octavius gives inspirational words over the vox as they all move into position. Sepheran and Skold notice some of the egg piles that need destroying while Octavius looks down the hole and is attacked. He takes a heavy hit to the head, and struggles against an attempt to drag him into the hole, slamming against the pipe making up the floor. Sepheran rushes over and grabs hold of Octavius to keep him from being pulled in. Just as he is about to run to their help, he hears the scraping of talons on metal. He turns and is struck by an attacking genestealer. Skold dodges out of the way as Elyas unleashes heavy bolter fire on the genestealer. The pipes begin to dissolve as the genestealer’s blood melts away at them. Skold detects no other genestealers and moves towards the hole to try and get a line of sight at the creature grabbing at Octavius. Elyas and Scipio notice a genestealer jumping down at them, both dodge out of the way. Octavius struggles with the creature grabbing him, but it remains a stalemate. He tells Skold to fire upon it. Sepheran continues to aid the squad leader. Elyas pulls out his blade and tears out chunks from the genestealers. Elyas dodges one attack from the genestealer, and takes a second hit. Scipio finishes off the creature with a burst of fire. After a struggle, the Brood Lord releases Octavius. Sepheran notices that while Octavius is free from the grip, he is not moving or responding. Sepheran hits Octavius, but does not damage him, and the squad leader still does not respond. Sepheran steps away and informs the others that their leader has fallen under the Brood Lord’s control. Skold fires down on the Brood Lord as it scrapes its way back down the hole but doesn’t manage to hit it in the darkness. Scipio spots movement in the pipes behind Skold. He fires on it, calling out to the Space Wolf in warning. A hole of acid appears in the pipe, but he cannot tell if there was anything behind it when he had fired. The team hears the Brood Lord tear out through the hole in the pipe that Scipio had created and leaps across the room at Scipio. Scipio manages to dodge all four of the Brood Lord’s attacks as the others shout warnings. Sepheran charges at the Brood Lord’s back, but it dodges. Elyas turns his heavy bolter on the creature with Kraken rounds, striking it with two rounds and carefully avoiding Sepheran and Scipio. Skold charges forward and attacks the Brood Lord with his power sword. Scipio opens fire. Octavius mentally says, “I am a son of Ultramar, I will not lose to this Xenos filth!” Octavius falls into darkness. The Brood Lord lashes out at the three space marines around him. Sepheran dodges out of the way, Skold takes a hit but successfully fights off the toxin, Scipio dodges one attack, but takes a second. Sepheran attacks but is dodged. Elyas attacks with his sword. Skold invokes the feral fighting style of the Space Wolves and tears into the Brood Lord with his sword. Octavius breaks free of the Brood Lord’s control, “I told you my mind was my own!” he shouts. Elyas, Skold and Sepheran strike at the Brood Lord as it tries to withdraw, drawn by Octavius’ defiant outcry. Sepheran channels his will down his force staff for extra impact. The Brood Lord leaps down on Octavius. The attack throws Octavius two meters further from the entrance. Sepheran calls upon his Primarch’s legacy and invokes the Red Thirst. He slams his staff into the ground and starts to growl which leads into a yell as electricity sparks along the staff. He swings the staff with an incoherent shout, throwing psychic electricity at the Brood Lord. Octavius is knocked unconscious by the force of the blast. The Brood Lord catches fire and falls stunned. Howling winds surround Sepheran for a moment, swirling debris.Elyas finishes him off in a splash of acid-filled heavy bolter fire. Sepheran moves up to Octavius and says “Forgive me Brother, the Red Thirst had hold of me, but Elyas has finished the beast.” Elyas nods and returns to the entrance.



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