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Deathwatch May 3 & 7

Correction to previous: Before Valkaries land, Vulture gun ships blast the tyranids from the landing zone.

Meet up with a shuttle and are taken to The Emperor’s Wrath, flagship of the battle group above the planet. The team is summoned to the command chamber. A holograph shows the planet. A tall, lean man steps forward and introduces himself as Fleet Captain Erast Cobb. He informs the team of the situation of the fleet. He then introduces them to Hadros, Master Technician and Chief Advisor, who details the plan they have to destroy the swarm. The Captain is hoping to break the swarm before assaulting.

Possible missions the team can take to aid the operation: Strike the Vanguard (swarm covers space around Avalos, possible to take out some of the ships, repeal boarders on one of the vessels so they can continue to attack, possible to obtain a synapse creature sample); Firebreak (destroy dam to flood the tyranid filled town); Kill the Big Ones (kill warriors and other synapse creatures to disrupt the swarm, reports of Harpies, area with trapped civilians, possible sample collection); Evacuation (list of people worth rescuing as per Governor); Seize and Secure (vital Imperial documents to rescue, intelligence gathered by Kalistradi left in dead drops on the swarm – Syndala can give information on locations that are in heavily infested areas); Cripple the Hive Fleet

Elyas informs the team that he needs their equipment dropped off for him to inspect and repair before they head out. They go to Bay X37. Elyas tells them that he was speaking with some of the support crew, and found out that the ship had recovered some salvage from the team’s ship and he will make repairs and distribute any items that could be of use. They have three hours until they will be ready to leave.

Octavius challenges Sepheran to a duel to satisfy his anger at the psyker having blasted him with lightening. They move into an empty bay and Skold supervises. The pair starts 5 metres apart. Sepheran charges Octavius and the later dodges. Octavius feints after missing his attack. Octavius side-steps Sepheran’s smash attack. Octavius returns with a forceful headbutt. Sepheran tries to feint, but Octavius does not fall for it. The Blood Angel still manages to hit the Ultramarine with a hard punch as Octavius tries to block the punch. Octavius feints and attacks again, but is stunned from Sepheran’s punch and his kick goes wild. Sepheran feints but misses on the attack. They trade blows again, then Octavius lands a hit. Octavius grabs Sepheran in a grapple. The pair wrestle for control of the hold. Octavius knees Sepheran in the torso, then elbows him in the jaw, knocking him down. Skold calls the end as Sepheran’s lip bleeds from the hit. Scipio claps sarcasticly. Skold asks, “Can we focus on the battle at hand now?” Octavius helps Sepheran up. The Blood Angel shakes the Ultramarine’s hand with a “Well fought Brother” and the team returns to Elyas to discuss their next move.

May 7 2011

Elyas repairs Sepheran’s jet pack and hands out the gear. Octavius gets a combat shield to add to his arsenal, Scipio upgrades his weaponry as well, adding Stalker Pattern Bolt Gun. Elyas recovers suspension system for his heavy guns. The team discusses what they want to do next. They decide that it would be best to recover the data first.

A Valkyrie manned by two Storm Trooper pilots returns the team to the besieged planet. Scipio and Octavius take positions at the side guns tethered in, Elyas jacks into the ship, and Sepheran and Skold take up positions near the rear door with their mag boots on for better stability.

The pilot, Lt. Calvin Hobbs, notices a gargoyle swarm approaching the ship and warns the passengers. The pilot begins to move the ship to a lower altitude to try and avoid the bulk of the swarm. The ship dives down and manoeuvres through the buildings. The swarm descends straight down towards the ship and the pilot expertly dodges them. Scipio and Octavius use the heavy bolters to fire on the swarm, but are struck by claw attacks as some of the creatures cling to the sides of the ship. Octavius pulls out his bolt pistol and fires on the clinging gargoyles, shouting “No free rides!” Skold fires his flamer out the back hatch of the ship, roasting a group of the gargoyles. Sepheran sends a crimson spear of energy out at the swarm, sending some of the gargoyles plummeting to the ground as they died. Scipio fires with his pistol at the swarm out the gun door. Over the comm-link Elyas instructs Skold not to move. The Dark Angel fires his heavy bolter out the back hatch, tearing apart the swarm with metal storm rounds. A shrike lands on the nose of the Valkyrie. The pilot fails to compensate for the added weight on the front end of the ship. The pilot opens fire with the multilaser. The co-pilot, Lt. Jackson, announces that they have a tyranid on the ship. The pilot discharges the laser but is unable to hit the creature.

Octavius commands for someone to go outside the ship and deal with the problem. Sepheran volunteers. Skold hops out of the ship first and fires his plasma pistol at the shrike and the creature disengages and flies up. Sepheran also leaves the ship and attacks the Shrike. Scipio goes into overwatch. Elyas uses his connection to the ship to determine vector coordinates to aid the pilot with his attempt to pull the Valkyrie out of its nose dive. As the shrike pulls back from the Valkyrie, it unleashes its venom cannon at the ship, shaking the entire vehicle, killing the pilots. Elyas disconnects from the controls and drops out the back of the ship as it falls. Octavius and Scipio cut themselves loose from the tethers and leap out. Octavius and Scipio smash through the sides of a building on their side and lands. Elyas crashes into the ground, making a small crater. Sepheran and Skold land gently with their jet packs. Sepheran lands near Elyas to check on him, and Skold lands about five meters away in a position to cover Elyas.

The team members on the ground can see the shrike flying about 250m above them. Scipio and Octavius are a bit closer since they landed in the buildings, but need to move into position. The shrike latches onto the building above where Scipio landed. The shrike fires its venom cannon at the group on the ground. Skold dodges out of the way as the blast strikes Sepheran and Elyas. Skold switches his jet pack to flight mode and starts moving towards the shrike. Elyas opens fire with his heavy bolter, and the shrike falls to the ground with an explosion of bio-goo.

Octavius takes the lead, navigating through the city. The team stops at the crash site to salvage what they can. They recover two heavy bolters, fully loaded but with no extra ammunition. With Octavius’ lead they manage to avoid enemy contact and reach the location of the first dead drop. A fountain in a courtyard, surrounded by plant boxes, is the location according to Cyndala. It is surrounded by a metal fence, and the team has 30 meters of open ground to cover before they reach it. Octavius orders Scipio to attempt to sneak into the area. Halfway across, two genestealers leap down from the buildings to attack him. Octavius notices movement in the trees on the other side of the fence and tells the others. Octavius takes aim and fires at one of the genestealers, but it dodges out of the path. One of the genestealers swipes at Scipio’s face, but he leans back out of the way. Skold charges the genestealer that had dodged Octavius’ attack and strikes with his power sword. Sepheran fires on the same one, destroying it with a hellfire round. Elyas pulls out his pistol and uses a hellfire round against the other one. The genestealer lashes out at Skold and Scipio. Scipio drops the heavy bolter he was carrying and pulls out his pistol, slaughtering the genestealer. Octavius called out for whatever is in the tree to come out. Skold helps Scipio apply repair cement to the tears in his armour. Sepheran prepares to fire on whatever is in the tree. Elyas aims his heavy bolter in the same direction. Scipio moves over to the fence and slumps down against it. The rest of the team moves up to the fence as well. The team finds no more enemies, and moves towards the fountain. They find the data beneath the fountain and collect it.

They move to the top of a building and call for extraction as the next drop is elsewhere on the planet. Elyas activated stalker flares, infrared flares that the tyranids will not see, but the Valkyrie will be able to detect. The pilots radio ahead to the team to inform them that a swarm has began to move to intercept. Scipio and Octavius fire upon the swarm with the heavy bolters. The pilot makes evasive manoeuvres and fires its multilaser. Skold takes watch, keeping an eye out for any genestealers trying to approach on the roof. The gargoyles move closer to the Valkyrie and open fire. Sepheran blasts the swarm with lightning. Elyas and Scipio fire at the swarm again. Octavius opens fire as well and finishes off the swarm. The Valkyrie lowers so the team can climb on board as more swarms start to move in its direction. The co-pilot informs the pilot that they have about six seconds before the swarm reaches them. The ship turns and starts to speed off. Three venom cannon shots fire at the ship. One strikes the roof they just left, another skims past the ship, and the third impacts on the ship, destroying one of the missile pods.



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