My GM Is Lazy

Deathwatch April 23 2011

When the team leaves the room, the Inquisitor is no longer in the status field and calls Scipio over. She hands him a data slate and tells him that the information contained needs to be taken to the Watchtower. She promptly passes from her grievous injuries. Scipio takes her body and tosses it over his shoulder. As they exit the factory the team sees dark shadows overhead. Over the next four days the team makes their way back to the manor, rallying those they can. The PDF troops that remain are too few in number to act as a standing force. While at the manor, news arrives that a Tyranid invasion force is still coming, and reports of dark shadows in the sky are coming in from all parts of the city. On the fourth day, a communication from an Imperial ship, The Emperor’s Wrath, arrives, proof that the team’s visit to the astropath was successful. The ships are sheltered on the far side of the planet from the Hive Fleet that is approaching. The captain informs that his job is to collect the kill team and the assassin, and that there is a spore cloud descending on the planet. He is sending a shuttle to the spaceport to meet them. There are three chimeras that could cut down the time required to get to the landing zone. Sepheran tells the governor that the team is taking one of the chimeras and that if he wishes to live, he should aid them. A squad of 16 PDF are assigned to drive the vehicles and accompany them. The team also brings the astropath, and any of the civilian nobles that will fit. Octavius declares that he will ride in the front-most vehicle along with Skold, Elyas and Scipio take the center with the assassin and governor, and Sepheran is to take the rear-most tank along with the astropath. Octavius gives everyone a side arm and tells the nobles that they will fight if required.

The caravan moves out through the silent and deserted city, moving around the debris left in the roads. Ahead of the convoy, they notice some small barrel fires and wounded soldiers gathered around them. Noticing the group, two of the soldiers step out in front. Octavius opens the hatch and tells the men to clear the path. The two men move out of the way. Scipio looks out to see what the hold up is and notices another solider moving up along the side of the front vehicle with a krak grenade in hand. He opens fire on the man, killing him. Over the comms, Scipio explains. Elyas orders the vehicles to move forward. Octavius gets back in the chimera and informs the driver not to stop unless there is a barricade that will damage the vehicles. Sepheran sends a bolt of electricity towards the group of men, but does not hit them as the vehicle moves past them.

A mycetic spore falls from the sky, which the Astartes recognize as a Tyranid equivalent of a drop pod. It crashes to the ground in front of the first vehicle and it careens into it. Those in the vehicle are tossed around in the inside. The second vehicle manages to move aside into an alley and the third vehicle also screeches to a halt in the room the second tank left for them. Skold climbs out the back hatch. Sepheran and Scipio climb out the top hatch of their chimeras. Elyas taps into the chimera and takes control of its laser. Tentacles emerge from the spore. Octavius manually takes control of the laser in his chimera. Skold stands steady as the spore bursts open, releasing hormagaunts. The first chimera starts to tip from the force of the hoard moving out. Octavius manages to keep hold. Skold uses his flamer to roast nine of the hormagaunts. Sepheran cut the power to his mag boots and fell from the chimera as the hoard began rolling it onto its roof. Sepheran fires a blood lance at the hoard, destroying thirteen of the hormagaunts with a blast of blood red energy. Scipio opens fire on the xenos. Elyas uses the chimera’s multilaser. A third hoard rushes forward to attack Skold and Sepheran, who are both on the ground. Octavius uses the multilaser on his chimera to try and take out more of their enemies. The hoard tries to force the Chimera containing Octavius over but is unable to. Skold shouts to the PDF troops to close the hatch behind him and burns through the hoard again, sending some of the enemies running. Finding himself in close combat, Sepheran turns his pistol on the hoard. Scipio also fires, and another group of hormagaunts flee. Octavius asks Skold over the vox if he can right the tank before firing. Skold forces the tank back on its tracks, crushing five of the hormagaunts beneath it. Sepheran flips his tank back onto its side. Scipio continues to fire. Elyas fires at the hoard causing it to flee, and Octavius fires on the spore, cutting it in twain.

The kill-team examines the vehicles. In the first vehicle it seems tentacles had breached the armour, leaving only three troopers and the drivers alive. Some of the nobles in the rear tank were also killed. The astropath is shaken but mostly unharmed. Elyas reports that they need to get moving again before the hoards regroup. After some travel the rear chimera begins to suffer engine issues. Sepheran calls to Octavius who halts the caravan and orders those who can to fit move up to the lead vehicle. The PDF troopers left behind are instructed to repair the chimera and catch up with the rest. A vox communication comes in from a PDF battalion outside of town that has basilisk artillery and offer their assistance as they are able to provide three strikes to aid. As the team approaches the spaceport, they receive a communication from Greyson, leader of a group of storm troopers that had been in the shuttle to collect them. He explains that they had to land outside of the city as the tyranid threat near the space port was too great. He tells them that there is a squad of valkaries on the way to collect them. Elyas informs them that the tyranid swarm will reach them before the ships will. Greyson advises them to hold the landing platform.

Syndalla informs the team that she will protect the governor and astropath on the landing platform. Elyas indicates that they will have about 10 minutes to prepare. They take stock of the area to see what they have to work with. There are four main ways into the landing zone: a rail, a wide roadway, and two smaller service roadways. There is debris throughout the area, and there are two sentry guns that the garrisoned PDFs had set up after the team had cleared the space port several days before. Octavius finds a full fuel tanker that can no longer drive. On Elyas’ suggestion, Octavius has the tech marine set up the tanker at one of the support pillars of the rail, where Scipio can detonate it with bolter fire. The two servitor manned turrets were moved, one to each of the smaller roads along with a squad of troopers, and the two chimeras set up at the main road. Scipio positions himself on the platform with a line of sight to the tanker. Elyas also positions on the platform, preparing to fire. The others take up positions keeping watch on the roads. Octavius gives a rally cry to the team and troops. Elyas offers his rifle to Skold, “Use it well Brother.”

It begins to rain acid upon the group. Syndalla rushes her group under the landing platform for protection. A swarm of hormagaunts streams down the main road and the chimeras open fire. Scipio notices some hormagaunts travelling along the rail and aims at the tanker. Elyas calls for an artillery strike. Octavius drops to one knee and provides overwatch on one of the roads. He intones, “Come on you beasts. We survived you at MacCraig, I survived you at Uvo-4, and I will survive you here.” Both Sepheran and Skold take up overwatch positions.

Screams sound as the hormagaunts attack the chimeras. Scipio fires, fuel begins to spray out of the tanker and a second shot ignites the fuel. The first artillery strike hits slightly off target, but further from the troops rather than closer. Sepheran sees six genestealers moving down the road he is watching, Octavius spots a hoard of hormagaunts on his road. Elyas kills two of the genestealers then returns to watching the main road. Scipio fires on the hormagaunts. The turret fires on the hormagaunts before being destroyed, the genestealers taking out the other turret before it notices them. Skold charges one of the genestealers and attacks with his power sword. Skold and Sepheran are attacked by the genestealers. Sepheran puts his rifle away and takes hold of his staff in both hands and activates his possibility shield. He uses his staff to attack the genestealers, channelling his will down his staff for added effect. Elyas fires upon the hormagaunt hoard. Skold trades blows with the genestealers in combat with him, killing one of the pair with a fearce counter attack. Scipio kills one of the genestealers fighting Sepheran. Sepheran is overwhelmed by genestealers and knocked to the ground. He stands defiantly and strikes back with his staff, killing one. Elyas manages to deal with the hoard and calls in another artillery strike. Octavius opens fire on the remaining genestealer and slaughters it with hellfire.

Skold and Sepheran both move back to cover. Scipio notices though the sounds and vibrations that the main tyranid force is almost upon them. He informs the others over the vox and they all move into positions for overwatch.

The multilasers on the chimeras fall silent. A spore cloud flows overhead and the two chimeras fly up crash into the buildings around. The team sees two warriors and a hive tyrant travelling down the main road towards them along with a hoard. Skold, Elyas and Scipio trigger on overwatch, firing on the hive tyrant. The tyrant’s oppressive aura begins to affect the team. The warriors fire their cannons at Skold, but he is safe behind his cover. Sepheran also avoids the potential damage. Gargoyles begin to fly over the platform, firing at Scipio. Scipio takes their shots but fights off the toxin. Octavius notices another hoard of hormagaunts and fires upon them. Elyas fires at the hive tyrant. The artillery shell lands, Sepheran dodging as he is nearly caught in the edge of the blast. He hears the faint screech of hormagaunts on the eastern road. Octavius opens fire on the hoard on the western side. Sepheran fires upon the hive tyrant and the warriors with a psychic lightening storm. Scipio fires on the warrior that dodged Sepheran’s attack, killing it. Elyas calls for the final artillery strike. He fires upwards into the hoard of gargoyles then calls for everyone to fall back to the platform. Octavius falls back to the platform and sees three valkaries in the distance. Sepheran dodges out of the hoard and retreats. Scipio opens fire on the hive tyrant. Sepheran takes heavy fire and is dragged onto the valkaries. Captain Greyson jumps out, “You ordered a ride?” The team divides between two of the ships along with their passengers and take off.



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